How to Wear an Ankle Bracelet

If you love jewelry, you want to wear it everywhere on your body; your ears, your arms, your fingers, your wrist, your belly button and even your ankle.

If you are thinking of delving into the world of ankle bracelets, you may be a little wary. In the past, ankle bracelets have had symbolic meaning and you don’t want to send the wrong message.


Ankle bracelets are also challenging to wear. Obviously, you don’t want your clothing to cover them. You also want to make sure they won’t get tangled on anything near them.


Well, we are here to tell you that if you are looking to wear ankle bracelets, you have nothing to fear. Here are a few tips that will boost your ankle bracelet wearing confidence.


Ankle Bracelet Origins


Ankle bracelets can be traced back to the times of Ancient Egypt. Back then, people made them out of precious stones and metals to denote social status. While slaves wore leather anklets, affluent women wore ankle bracelets made of gems and precious metals.


The wearing of ankle bracelets can also be found in Asian culture as far as 8,000 years back. Women often wore ankle bracelets with some kind of charm that jingled. This would alert their husbands that they were coming so they could stop any distasteful talk.


Ankle Bracelets Today



In more modern times, ankle bracelets are worn as a sign that a woman is in a relationship. It is a tradition for a man to give a woman an ankle bracelet after proposing to her.


Its meaning is similar to an engagement ring and it can be given in addition to an engagement ring when a man proposes.


However, just because this is a common tradition, it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear an ankle bracelet just for fun. These are terrific pieces that can be worn any time anywhere to add some style to your outfits no matter what your relationship status may be.


How Should I Wear My Ankle Bracelet?


Ankle bracelets given to a woman by a man as symbol of commitment are meant to never be taken off. However, there are times when they are inappropriate or inconvenient.


For instance, an ankle chain that jingles might be inappropriate in a professional setting. An ankle chain that gets caught on your clothing also won’t work for obvious reasons.


Really, the best time to wear an ankle chain is at the pool or beach or when you are sporting casual summer clothing. That way, they can be easily seen, and they will never catch on jeans, socks, boots or any other article of clothing that hangs near the ankle area.


What are the Types of Ankle Chains?


Ankle chains come in a variety of styles. Here are some of the most popular.


Charm Ankle Bracelet


Just like a charm bracelet can be worn around the wrist, it can also be worn around the ankle. You can wear an ankle bracelet with one charm or several charms. You can also find meaningful charms and add them to your bracelet over time.


Beaded Ankle Bracelet


A beaded ankle bracelet makes for a terrific bohemian look. Bracelets can be made of exotic beads that include metal elements that take them to the next level, or they can be made with simple plastic beads for a fun and casual look. Charms can be added to beaded anklets…or not.


Band Ankle Bracelets


If you prefer something simple and comfortable around your ankle, you can forgo beads and charms for a plainer design. They will not get in the way or your outfits and movements and they can have other features that add interest.


Metal Ankle Bracelets


Another simpler design is a metal ankle bracelet. They tend not to have extra features that get in the way and they can have intricate links, gems and other elements added. Colors can include silver, gold, bronze, copper and more.


Leather Ankle Bracelets


If you prefer more of an earthy look, you may choose to wear a leather ankle bracelet. Beads and charms can be added to make for a standout aesthetic.

Now that you know more about ankle bracelets, you are ready to incorporate them into unique looks. How will you be wearing your ankle bracelet when you decide to take the plunge? 


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