How to Wear Shorts in the Fall and Winter

Don’t you hate it when you get a new pair of shorts and then the cold weather comes and you know you won’t be able to wear them any time soon? This is especially likely to happen at the end of the summer when hot weather clothing is on sale. You scoop up what you can only to have it sit in your closet where you end up forgetting about it.

Well, the good news is, you can absolutely wear your summer clothing in the winter, especially shorts. It’s really all about layering.

Read on to find out the do’s and don’ts that are involved when wearing shorts during the winter.

How to Wear Your Shorts in the Winter

If you’re wearing shorts in the winter or fall, your main objective will be keeping warm. Therefore, you will want to wear them with a pair of stocking, a pair of boots and a long-sleeved top. You may also want to add a jacket over the outfit to create a cute takeoff on a professional look.

The Color and Material are Important

Since you will be combining your shorts with winter wear, it’s likely you will be bringing in some heavier fabrics and darker colors. If the shorts are a summer shade or are too flimsy or lightweight, they won’t look right with the outfit.

When looking for shorts to wear with your winter outfit, go for ones that are made of a heavier material like denim or wool. Also look for darker colors like browns, grays, blacks and jewel tones. These will make the outfit look complete.

Getting the Look

Now let’s take a look at some shorts outfits you can put together to look great during the wintertime.

Office Appropriate: For a takeoff on a professional look, start with a pair of high waisted, pleated shorts. Pair them with a button front top, a blazer and a pair of colored panty hose. Finish the look with low heeled ankle boots.

Rocker Chic: Rock in rollers can pair denim shorts with a rock shirt, a pair of patterned tights and combat boots. For added warmth, throw a flannel over that rock shirt or wear a thermal underneath.

Just Hanging Out: Shorts and tights make a good substitute for jeans, leggings and skirts. Pair them with your favorite sweater, button front or any other casual look.

Athleisurewear: The athleisurewear trend is big. The shorts you wore to work out in this summer can make a great part of your gym outfit in the winter too. Wear them over leggings to add interest to your outfit and save yourself from embarrassing moments that can occur if you bend down in leggings that are not squat proof.

Long Shorts are Cool Too: Longer shorts, divided skirts and culottes also make great winter looks. Add a pair of stocking and tights to a sophisticated look and you’re good to go.

It may be cold outside, but the forecast says shorts are a-okay. How will you be incorporating them into your winter looks? 

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