How to Wear the Puffy Sleeved Look in 2021

There is no doubt that the puffy sleeved look is coming back. It is part of the super feminine elegance that is resurging in fashion trends everywhere.

But wearing puffy sleeves isn’t easy. Wear them and you just might feel like you need an extra seat on the subway…or like you might accidentally knock something over when you turn. And let’s not forget about the Seinfeld puffy shirt episode.

If you love the puffy sleeved look but are having a hard time minimizing the look, here are some great ideas.

Wear a Cinched Waist

A cinched waist will slim out the look of the sleeves making for a figure flattering overall appearance.

Go For Tapered Sleeves

While some sleeves are puffy throughout, others have features that bring them in so they are not quite so oversized.

Puffy Short Sleeves

If you are experimenting with puffy sleeves, start with a short-sleeved look. The fact that the sleeves do not come all the way down the arm will immediately eliminate some volume.

Long Cuffs

A shirt with long cuffs will emphasize the puffy look of the sleeves around the shoulders, but I will also make for a look that is less puffy throughout. It is also more comfortable as the tapered sleeves mean they won’t get in the way when you are trying to type and do other tasks with your hands.

Go For A Relaxed Puff

While some puffy sleeves are big from the shoulder to the cuff, others start out with a more subtle cut. This provides a sleeker look but still offers that romantic Victorian appeal.

Down on the Shoulders

A puffy sleeve can be combined with a ‘down on the shoulders’ look to add romantic appeal while taking some of the puff away.

Puffy Sleeved Dresses

Puffy sleeves can be worn on shirts and dresses. If you combine puffed sleeves with a tube dress, you will end up with a slimming look that counters the sleeves’ voluminous effect.

Cap Sleeve Ruffles

Adding ruffles can provide a puffed sleeve effect that won’t overdo it. The ruffles add femininity without the volume.

Like With Like

Earlier in the article, we talked about how a tube dress can slim out a puffy sleeve look. But wearing a puffed sleeve with a more voluminous dress can work as well. In this case, the volume of the dress will balance the volume of the sleeve to create a more evenly distributed look.

If you love that puffy sleeved look but are sensitive about the volume it adds, these are all great ways to turn it down a notch. Which style do you prefer?

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