How to Wear White After Labor Day

Every fashionista is well aware of the rules…you can’t wear white after Labor Day. But these fashionistas will also know that when it comes to fashion, rules were made to be broken. Therefore, it may not be so much about not wearing white after Labor Day but more about how to wear white after Labor Day.

If you want to integrate white into your fall and winter wardrobe, here are some tips that will help you do it like an expert.

Origins of No White After Labor Day

Before reviewing the do’s and don’ts, let’s take a look at how the whole ‘no white after Labor Day’ rule was established.

Many believe it was enforced by rich people as a sign of wealth. For instance, a rich person might say, “Oh, you’re wearing white after Labor Day! How gauche!”

Still others say it’s more about keeping cool. So really, the wearing of white during summer was recommended as a way to stay cool and once summer was over, all that went out the window. So the rule became, “Wear white during the summer, not after it’s over.”

Either way, these are both pretty lame reasons for limiting the wearing of white.

So let’s break down conventions by wearing white after Labor Day, the right way.

It’s All About the Winter Whites

Sure, we’ve all heard about the “no white after Labor Day” rule, but we’ve also heard of a little something called winter whites.

Winter whites are all about wearing winter fashions in white shades. Shades can include anything from bright white to off white to egg-cream, and the list goes on. Basically, as long as you wear winter styles in white shades, you are 100% fashion approved.

Now let’s take a look at some winter fashions that work well in white.

White Sweaters


Nothing looks as soft and cozy as a white sweater. White sweaters basically look like white, fuzzy cats just waiting for you to curl up into them and get warm.

White sweaters come in a wide range of styles from turtleneck to crew neck to v-neck; and the list goes on. They will look great when paired with a warm, neutral. Try wearing your white sweater with print jeans with a brown and tan color scheme to make for a great cold weather look.

White Jeans



White jeans are another item of clothing that works well year-round. During the winter, think of pairing them with a vibrant jewel tone such as an emerald green blouse or a brick red sweater. They can also be paired with other whites to make a great ski style.

White Jumpsuits


Jumpsuits are back and bigger than ever. They are form fitting, figure flattering, and they save you from the trouble of finding multiple pieces to make up your outfit.

A white jumpsuit is the perfect thing for the slopes or any winter activity fun. It is a must have when you are getting winter ready.

White Athleisure Wear


The athleisure wear look is big this year. People love the comfort and versatility these pieces provide.

While not every athleisure look will work through the winter, heavy track pants will be perfect for cold weather workouts. Pair them with layers like tanks, tees and hoodies so you can eliminate pieces as your workout gets more intense.

White Button Fronts


A white button front is such a versatile wardrobe staple, there should be no question in your mind as far as whether or not these should be included in your wardrobe throughout the fall and winter. A white button front will look great under a suit, with a pair of jeans, with a skirt or slacks or just about anything else you can think of.

White Coats


The concept of winter whites is pretty much defined by white coats. Think of long wool trenches and fur-lined bombers. Teddy coats are expected to be especially big this year.

The temperatures may be dropping, but don’t start putting your whites away just yet. There are plenty of white pieces that are perfect for the fall and winter season. Which do you like to include in your cold weather wardrobe? 

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