Jewelry Trends That Will Dominate in 2021

We’ve been doing a lot of exploring fashion trends for the new year, but I have just come to realize that I seemed to have left out jewelry. Luckily the clock is still ticking in 2020 (well that may not actually be lucky for most people, but it does mean we still have time to explore jewelry trends for the new year.)

Here is some of what you can look forward to.

Metal Cuffs

In 2021 it will be cuffs galore. This is a simple edgy look that makes a perfect fashion statement. It integrates cultural appeal with a geometric feel and a sense of street smart toughness.

Metal cuffs will go over big with silver dominating as the color of choice.

This cuff is hand stamped to provide a weathered look. There’s nothing you can’t wear it with.


The coming year, jewelry will be all about color, especially around the face. That means earrings and necklaces should stand out with vibrant tones that celebrate what’s to come.

When it comes to color, you really can’t beat this Sunflower necklace and bracelet set. The interchangeable charms mean you will have a look that’s perfect for any outfit.

Statement Pendant Earring

We continue to wow with earrings. While hoops are still trending, they are becoming replaced with pendants, and the bigger the better. This year, we can expect to see geometric looks like dangling stars, circles and even locks. It’s a mix of fun and industrial in 2021.

These pendant earrings have a great geometric look and a standout style that puts them on top of the latest trends. The cultural appeal makes them stunning and unique.

Chunky Metallic Rings

Chunky metals are in. Chain link necklaces, earrings and rings are stand out pieces and the perfect complement for everything from street wear to formal wear. It’s all about bringing the bling.

This ring has an intricate weave and a chain style that makes just the thing to adorn fingers in 2021. The silver color helps give it a trendsetting look.

Tribal Necklace

Jewelry with cultural appeal is setting the standard for new jewelry looks. The pieces are chunky, textural and they have a great natural aesthetic.

This turquoise pendant has it all. The earthy turquoise stone, the dangling configuration, the hefty chain… but we have to point out how divine the accent stones are. They bring the bling to an otherwise natural look.

Bold Gems

Another way to bring the bling is by sporting bold gems. These oversized rocks can be featured on earrings, necklaces…even bracelets. And no, they don’t have to be real. You can get outrageous with costume jewelry looks that are just as classy and appealing as the more expensive stuff.

These Surya Lemon Quartz Earrings have a yellow diamond look that is ritzy, elegant and fun. They have a geometric oversized shape that suits any occasion and their pendant style makes them a perfect pick for the new year.

If you love accessorizing, these jewelry looks will get you ready for the new year. Which are your faves? 

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