Labor Day Fashions You Won’t Want to Miss

Labor Day is coming quick. Marking the end of summer, you will want to get as much partying in as possible.

If you plan to be going away for Labor Day weekend, or if you are going to be attending parties and events, you will want to find the perfect outfits to wear. This article will review Labor Day looks so you can find clothing that will be ideal for the occasion.

All White


We are all familiar with the ‘no white after Labor Day rule’. While fashionistas in the know have already figured out this is a rule made to be broken, Labor Day is a great time to have one last hurrah with those summer whites. White dresses, all white short, pants and skirt outfits are recommended.

Once Labor Day passes, white is still a-okay, but you should make sure the white is worn with more wintery looks such as sweaters, jackets and ski wear.

Lounge Wear Looks


If you are taking a trip for the weekend, lounge wear is recommended. These comfortable, yet glamorous outfits can transition from day to night and can even be worn over a bathing suit. Rompers and two-piece outfits tend to make great lounge wear looks.



Sarongs are great because you can wear them as bathing suit cover-ups or you can sport them on their own as glamorous dresses. They are typically made of a thin, gauzy fabric and they are usually long to provide lightweight protection from the sun. Though sarongs are available in several colors and styles, hippie prints are expected to dominate this Labor Day.



In saying farewell to summer, you will also want to give your sundresses one last spin. Sundresses are great because they are so easy to wear. Just slip them on with a pair of shoes and few accessories and you are good to go.

Sundresses are great for nighttime and daytime looks and they can easily transition between the two. Bright colors and prints are perfect for capturing the spirit of the summer for one final hurrah.

Bathing Suits


No matter where you are going this Labor Day, be sure to take along a swimsuit. Swimming is an activity you won’t be getting a lot of chances to do once it starts to get colder, so gather ye rosebuds while ye may.

This year’s swimwear includes a lot of vintage looks with bold prints, high waists and fuller bra tops. However, if you prefer a slinkier look, those will always be in style.



Shorts are another summer look you will want to revisit before saying a final goodbye. To make your Labor Day look complete, pair a sexy pair of low-rise denim shorts with a frilly or handkerchief style top. These items are perfect for creating a festival-type look.

High rise shorts are also popular and may be more suited to summer blouses and sleeveless button ups.

Labor Day is right around the corner. How will you be celebrating…and more importantly…what will you be wearing?

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