Let’s Talk About Coats

We know how much you’ve enjoyed going outside without having to bundle up. Well, guess what? Those carefree days are coming to an end.


That’s right. Temperatures are dropping and, before you know it, it’s going to be time to pile on those layers.


But the deep freeze has not happened just yet. As things cool off, you can expect more of a gradual process starting with light jackets and graduating to heavy winter coats.


This article will take you through the various stages so you know what you need to have on hand.


Denim Jackets and Cardigans



In the early fall, there will be slight nip in the air. You will want to slip on something light, quick and easy. A denim jacket or a cardigan will do.


This fall, denim jackets are showing in a variety of colors and washes. Patched denim is making a comeback as well.


When it comes to cardigans, anything goes. Cardigans can be long or short, and can feature solid colors, prints and other details. They make for looks that range from preppy to alternative.


Leather Jackets


Right around late October, the temperature will start to dip even more. It may not be freezing, but it will definitely be nippy. It is the perfect time to bust out those leather jackets.


Leather jackets tend to have a timeless look and this year, leather is bigger than ever. The classic motorcycle jacket is in but leather blazers and trench coats are also reigning supreme. You can also experiment with colors for a standout leather jacket look.






Fall and winter comes with its share of inclement weather so raincoats are a necessity.


In general, raincoats will have a protective shell and a thin inner lining. This makes them perfect for fall weather but you may need extra protection from the cold when winter comes on. Fortunately, most winter coats, like ski coats and down coats, have hoods and waterproof properties.


Athleisure is big so sporty raincoats are dominating runway looks. Trench coat styles are perfect when you want to add sophistication.


Winter Coats


When that cold weather really sets in, you will want an extra warm winter coat.


This year, fur is all the rage. We’re seeing longer coats with fur linings and teddy coats that are made of a fuzzy, stuffed animal like material. Teddy coats can be anywhere from hip length to full length, belted or not.


And as the athleisure trend dominates in this arena as well, puffy ski jackets will also be returning.




When the cold weather sets in, you can stay extra warm with the right accessories. Gloves and scarves are recommended. Not only are these items great for keeping you warm, they can add a pop of color to your winter look.


It is recommended to go with scarves and gloves that are the opposite of the jacket you are wearing. For instance, if your jacket is dark, try bright, lighter colored scarves and gloves. If the jacket is light in color, go for a darker deeper tone when choosing accessories.


When it comes to styles, infinity scarves are a favorite. Women love them because they are so easy to put on and they stay in place so well.


And while we are talking about winter accessories, let’s talk about sunglasses. Even during the winter, sun is still a factor and it’s important to protect yourself. The sun will be especially damaging when there is snow on the ground, and you are dealing with the glare.




This year, steam punk looks are big this year so rounded goggle like glasses are a popular look. Cat eyes are also back and better than ever.


Winter is not everyone’s favorite season but these coats and jackets will help get you through while keeping you as warm and stylish as possible. What are your favorite winter looks?

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