Let’s Talk Rings

I don’t’ know about you, but I love rings. It may be because they sit on your hands so they are always visible, but to me, rings are very personal, more so than necklaces, earrings or bracelets.


Rings are not as subject to trends as other pieces of jewelry, perhaps because unlike necklaces and earrings, they are not as vital a part of your outfit. But they can still say a lot about your identity and overall style.

With that in mind, here are a few ring looks to look out for.


Small and Delicate


Small, delicate rings will look great on small hands and they are perfect for any occasion. They are small enough to work at casual events and they will add the ideal amount of elegant bling at formal events.


Small rings may be a simple band adorned by a few gems or etchings or they may have one small stone. These are classic looks that never go out of style.

These smaller rings also look good when combined with other rings of various sizes. so they are perfect for the layering trend.


Big and Bulky


If you are going for more of a bohemian or rock n’ roll look, you may prefer a big, chunky ring. Examples of these include rings with bold stones, skulls or similar stand out images.


Bulky rings can be for people with smaller or larger hands. They will go well on a large hand and will have an oversized look on a small hand which will also be appropriate. They can be made for men or women.


Just For Fun


Some rings are just for fun. These rings may have a bold flower, a cute animal or some other vibrant combination of stones. They may remind us a bit of the rings we used to get in gumball machines when we were younger, but they generally have a much better construction!


These rings are a great for taking us back to our youth and they are a fun way to dress up a casual outfit.


Plain Bands


With earthy and tribal looks reigning supreme, many rings are being designed as simple, thick bands. They may have small gems, etchings and metallic elements, but overall, they have a plain and primitive look. They are typically featured in darker colors like black, brown, metallics and rich earth tones. They can be worn by men and women alike.


Gemstone Rings


Anther type of ring that will never go out of style is the gemstone ring. Gemstone rings typically feature one large gem that can be surrounded by smaller gems or it can just be on its own to attract attention to the color and cut.


People typically wear rings with their birthstones in it, but with so many beautiful gems out there, you really shouldn’t let that get in the way of the gem you choose. Gems have vibrant colors and meanings that can help guide you to find one that is best for you.


Although many gemstone rings are made with precious gems and are quite expensive, there are more affordable gems that still look terrific. Black zircon and cubic zirconium are just some examples.


If you are in the market for a great ring, there are so many to choose from.


Which of these best suits your taste? 


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