Lets Hear it For the Boys: Men’s Fashion Expected to Rule in 2021

Sure, we always hear about lady’s fashions, but what about the men? Believe it or not, there are plenty of men out there that enjoy staying on top of the latest styles. But they can’t know about them if someone doesn’t tell them what they are…and that’s where we come in!

If you are a man who’s wondering what looks will be hot in the new year, read on!


In recent times, men have said enough to stuffing their pockets with wallets and iPhones. That’s why men’s bags have gotten so popular.

While fanny packs and shoulder bags are still expected to rule in 2021, designers are now coming out with a combo look that essentially allows men to wear these bags around their neck. Convenient and theft proof, these t-necks also make for a high fashion look that will be big in streetwear and professional styles.


Leather is expected to be big in men’s and women’s fashion. Although most men may be used to wearing leather jackets, in 2021, head to toe leather will be an emerging trend. Think of full leather suits, pants blazers and more.


Next year, we are inviting men to be casual and let it all hang out with a pair of high-end sandals. And while this may not be a dramatic blow to the fashion world, a big look will be wearing sandals with suits. I guess it’s Miami Vice all over again.

Okay, whatever, as long as it’s not socks and sandals, I’m down.


With an emphasis on nature, animal prints are big. In 2021, we will be moving away from more traditional cat prints to let snakeskin into our lives. These cold-blooded patterns will be appearing on everything from shirts to pants to shoes to suits and so on.

And when it comes to color, men are encouraged to be daring. While neutral tones may be true to a reptilian appearance, designers are showing snakeskin in bold colors like blue, pink, green and more.

Statement Shirts

Playful, creative shirting is in. As such, men should be seeking out bold patterns and cuts that pop. Button front tops are great because you can play around with a t-shirt underneath to make the look even more exciting.

Bomber Jackets

The 70’s are coming back big time and bomber jackets are a popular look that is expected to rule men’s fashions. This classic aviator style outerwear will be seen in high fashion magazines in both high sheen high end styles and distressed minimalist looks. Which is right for you?

Trench Coats

Trench coats never truly went out of style but this year they are back with a twist. While looks can range from fitted to oversized, they are best paired with unlikely items like Bermuda shorts and wide legged pants.

Color choices will be unconventional as well. Whereas we are used to seeing trench coats in a camel brown, in 2021 we will be seeing a wide range of hues including powder pinks, pastel blue and good old black.

Every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man. So get smart and get with it with some terrific new styles for the upcoming year. Which will you be adding to your wardrobe? 

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