Looking Great at the Gym

These days athletic wear is so important. Not only do people want to look great while they are working out, they often wear their athletic wear when running errands around town and they may even incorporate these items in more stylish looks. This is part of why the athleisure trend has become so popular.


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People love wearing athleisure wear in and out of the gym because it is comfortable and energizing. They also appreciate the fact that they don’t have to keep changing outfits when they go to the gym. And with the great looking options designers are making these days, why wear anything else?


If you are making the most of the athleisure wear trend, here are some pieces you will want to have in your arsenal.



Leggings are simple stretchy pants that slip on and off without any buttons or zippers. People love their comfortable fit and wear them inside and outside of the gym.


Leggings can have a sporty look that makes them great for the gym but they can also have a bright, vibrant print that makes them perfect for every day wear. Some leggings are made of faux leather and other fancy materials so they can be worn for a night on the town.


Leggings can also be worn with skirts and dresses to substitute for tights.


Yoga Pants

Yoga pants differ from leggings in that they have a thicker waistband. They are also usually made of a thicker material. Unlike leggings, they may also have a loose fit below the knee.


Their more structured fit makes them great for workouts because they stay in place well. However, their  athletic look means you’re somewhat limited to wearing them at the gym or while running errands. They don’t really work with more elegant, dressier outfits.



When the temperature starts to rise, you may want to forgo the long pants for a great pair of yoga shorts.


Yoga shorts are kind of a cross between bicycle shorts and yoga pants. They have the same supportive waist band and material that the pants do but they have the short tight fit of the shorts.


Like yoga pants, yoga shorts are great for gym looks and they will also work for running errands or other everyday events.



When it comes to tops, it’s a good idea to layer. A bra top or tank top is easy to move in and great when you heat up while a sweatshirt keeps muscles warm and works well in colder weather.


The layered look also makes for more versatility. For instance, most women will not want to wear a sports bra to the grocery store so she might throw a sweatshirt over the top. This can later be removed while she is working out at the gym.



If your day consists of lots of running around, you really can’t go wrong with a good pair of sneakers. Their rubber sole and enclosed structure is perfect for comfort and protection.


Most people will opt for an athletic sneaker while working out as these offer the most support. However, those who like a lighter, more vibrant look may opt for a canvas sneaker such as a high top.


Gym Bag


A gym bag is a great way to finish off the look and it’s convenient for carrying your gym stuff around!


What’s more, the gym bag can add a splash or color or some print interest to your outfit. On the other hand, you can get something with a more neutral look and it will go with just about anything.


Now that you know how to look great at the gym, which of these items with you be bringing into your athleisurewear collection?


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