Looks That Will Help You Relive the 90’s


There’s no doubt about it. The 90’s have returned in a big way.

We’re not really sure why it happened. Maybe it’s that we’ve already cycled through the 80’s and it just seemed like a natural progression. Or maybe, much in the same vein of what happened 30 years ago, we are all just ready to tone things down with our favorite dirtbag looks.

Whatever the reasoning may be, the 90’s are back and if you want to get onboard with the latest fashion trends, here are some looks you will want to be sporting.



Cardigans never seemed to really go out of style. They were grunge in the 90’s and hipster in the early 2000’s. Now that the 90’s is coming back, they seem more relevant than ever. Plus, they are super cozy and comfy.

This year, runway looks are showing cardigans as jackets with ties and button front shirts underneath. They can also be worn over bulkier items to provide an extra layer.



I don’t think you can spell 90’s without the word flannel. This is another look that made it into the 2000’s much in the vain of the lumberjack hipster fashion. There’s no saying where it will go from here but it is another favorite due to the style and comfort it provides.

Cargo Pants


When it comes to low key looks of the 90’s, nothing foots the bill quite like a pair of cargo pants. Not only are they baggie and comfortable, they also have tons of pockets that are great for storing your belongings.

Cat Eye Sunglasses


The 90’s weren’t really about glamour but cat eye sunglasses may have been the one exception. Perhaps they added a sense of irony on an otherwise toned-down look. Whatever is behind it, these sunglasses are back with a bang and they provide a vintage look that goes with a wide variety of styles.

Combat Boots


The 90’s were famous for clunky shoes. As we welcome back the decade’s fashion, we also welcome back combat boots and platform sneakers.

Wide Legged Pants


As we embrace sloppier fashions, we’re saying goodbye to skinny jeans and hello to wider legged looks. These can be dressed down to make a true grungy fashion statement or dressed up to add a touch of class and elegance.

Denim Jackets with Patches


Pledge allegiance to your inner rocker by wearing a denim jacket with patches. Anything goes from rock band patches to flowers to peace signs and more. And when it comes to the jacket, a wide variety of colors and washes are a-okay.



The gas station jumpsuit look was big in the 90’s. In a similar vein, overalls also started coming into fashion. But honestly, they are so darn cute…have they every really gone out of fashion? Today’s overalls can be worn with skinny legs to produce a neater look or you can go all out grunge with some baggie farmer dealies.

Track Suits


Track suits became popular in the 80’s and they seem to have been around ever since. They make for a great street look, they are the perfect dress down clothing for grunge fans and they were hipster chic in the 2000’s. With the athleisure dominating fashions, why not make them apart of yet another trend?

Plaid Sets


The rising popularity of flannels have paved the way for all plaid fashion. Plaid pants, plaid shirts and head to toe plaid looks are all expected to dominate the runway.

You may have loved the 90’s or you may hated it but there’s no denying, it’s making a comeback. With all the great looks it’s bringing in its wake, you’re bound to find something you like. Which of these will you be rocking this fall?



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