Men, If You Don’t Have These Shirts in Your Wardrobe, You May Be Missing Out

Let’s face it, most men just aren’t big on fashion. As long as they have a pair of jeans and a t-shirt to wear, they’re good.

But having a few essentials in your wardrobe can really be a lifesaver. It can keep you from having to run out to shop every time you have a formal or semi-formal event.

The right outfit starts with the right shirt. Here are a few must haves that will make your look complete.


We see you doing the happy dance out there. Yes, t-shirts are not only a man’s best friend, they’re a terrific wardrobe essential. They are great for casual events and they can also be layered with a button down to make for a high fashion look. If you have t-shirts in your wardrobe, don’t throw them out, no matter what your girlfriend says!

Button Front

Button fronts are great for wearing over t-shirts and they are also ideal for the office and semi-formal events. Solid colors make for a nice, clean look that works well under a suit and tie. If you want to add fun to your look, go with a bold print.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are the perfect in between for when you want to wear a t-shirt but need something a little dressier. They are available in several colors and therefore, just the thing you need to spice up your look a bit. They have a sporty appearance that is ideal for golfing or tennis.


Sweatshirts are great for colder weather. You can wear them on their own or layer over the shirt you are wearing. They are perfect for workouts because you can put one on to warm up your muscles, then take it off when you start to get too hot.

Fishing Shirt

Fishing shirts are the latest trend in athleisurewear. Meant for sport, they typically have UV protection and can be water resistant as well. They fit tightly to show off your physique and to move easily with you while you are active. They also have sweat wicking properties. They come in a variety of sporty, flashy prints.


Flannels have a similar function to dress shirts in that you can wear them on their own or over t-shirts. While their grunge look doesn’t make them ideal for professional settings, they have added warmth that makes them great for winter and fall. They are available in a wide range of plaid prints and colors adding interest to every day looks.


Sweaters make a great semi-formal look. They are perfect for work, fun times with the family or a meal out with friends. They are also just about the warmest, most comfortable thing you can wear when you’re fighting that winter chill.

Finding something to wear can be challenging but if you have the right pieces in your wardrobe, you will be half way there. Which essentials do you like to keep in your closet?

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