Men’s Casual Looks That Are Sure to Impress

Men’s Casual Looks That Are Sure to Impress


There are a lot of guys who can rock a suit. But let’s face it, suits are easy. As long as you know the proper fit, there you have it, all the pieces just laid out ready for you to wear.


But when men are left to their own devices, many are helpless when it comes to fashion. They struggle to come up with the right pieces and most of the time, well, they just look sloppy.


If you are a man who struggles to come up with something nice to wear for those Saturday afternoon events, here are some tips.


Start with the Right Essentials


There are a few pieces of clothing every man should have in his wardrobe. Once he has these building blocks he really can’t go wrong.


Jeans: Every man should have a few pairs of jeans that fit well. While skinny jeans aren’t for everyone, a tapered leg will produce a nice, neat look. Men should have a couple of pairs of blue jeans in lighter and darker washes and at least one pair of black jeans. Get more adventurous with colors at your own discretion.



T-shirts: T-shirts should be fitted as well. Avoid anything oversized. Even if you are dealing with love handles, an oversized shirt will make these look worse. Get a few t-shirts in solid colors. Graphic tees can also be cool depending on your style.




Jerseys: If you are sensitive to the cold, you will want a couple of long sleeved shirts. For these, follow the same basic rules as you would for a t-shirt.


Footwear: Make sure your wardrobe contains a few pairs of sneakers. High tops and athletic are both recommended. A good boot will also do the trick when you are trying to achieve a slightly more formal look.


Slightly Formal Wear: Some will argue that you should also have a pair of chinos and some polo shirts for weekend activities. I say it really depends on your lifestyle and personal style, but if you think you have a need for these, make sure to have a few on hand.



Button Fronts: These are great for slightly formal looks and can also be worn over t-shirts in colder weather.



Jackets: A lightweight jacket will keep you warm and it can take your fashion look up a notch. When it comes to men’s jackets, bombers, cardigan, blazers and hoodies can all work.




Shorts: To shorts or not to shorts, that is the question. Some men shy away from shorts as a policy. However, those who enjoy cool comfort and don’t mind showing their legs may want to add a few to their wardrobe. Shorts should be a few inches over the knee. Skinny, skater and baggie styles can all work.




Accessories: Once you have your look together, don’t be afraid to add some accessories. Watches, sunglasses and even a few select pieces of jewelry will take your fashion up a notch, and women just love it!




Putting it Together


Now that you have your pieces, you need to work on creating a look.


Start by thinking of the event you’re dressing for. Is it slightly formal, more casual?

Then decide how you want to come off at the event. Do you want to project confidence, or are you looking to have fun and be comfortable? Go from there to find the pieces that are right for you.


Another challenge men face when putting together an outfit is finding colors that match. If you are unsure of how to proceed in this capacity, going with neutrals is always a safe bet. Browns, tans, grays, blacks, whites and navies will go with just about anything. If you are looking to get adventurous, try adding a splash of color.


Finding the right look doesn’t come easy for every man. Hopefully this article has given you some tips that will set you in the right direction. Which looks do you prefer for your wardrobe?


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