Men’s Gloves: Which Should I Wear for What Purpose?

With temperatures dropping, now is a perfect time to start stocking up on gloves. Gloves are great for keeping the hands warm, but they can also serve other purposes. They can keep hands protected while you’re working, driving and more.


If you are looking for a good pair of gloves to wear, you may be wondering what the best pair is to buy for your purpose. This article will look at different kinds of gloves so you know which you should be investing in.


Cold Weather Gloves


Gloves may not be advertised as “cold weather gloves” but if they’re not advertised for any other purpose, it’s likely that this is what they are made for. If gloves are meant for the main purpose of keeping you warm, it’s likely features like warmth and attractiveness will be emphasized and descriptions won’t dwell too much on additional functionality.

Men’s cold weather gloves often have a simple elegant style. Look for gloves that are durable and seem like they will keep you warm in low temperatures while still being flexible enough to move in.


Touch Screen Gloves


It happens to all of us. We’re out in the cold and we need to use our phone, but our gloves won’t activate its touchscreen capabilities. In these situations, we have to decide whether we should put our phones away or take off our gloves and risk freezing!


Well, a genius designer has put an end to this dilemma inventing touchscreen gloves. These gloves are made with an updated technology in the fingertips that allow them to activate phones via touchscreen methods. In all other respects, they are like any other cold weather glove and should be looked at for their durability, warmth and comfort.


Driving Gloves


Driving Gloves are typically thinner than other types of gloves. They are meant to fit tightly to allow increased grip on the steering wheel when driving. They can also be effective in reducing the unpleasant feeling of a steering wheel that is too cold or too hot.


Work Gloves


Work gloves are worn by workers who use dangerous equipment. They are made to protect hands from cuts, blisters, splinters, heat and burns. They can be made of a wide variety of materials including animal hide, latex, polyester, cotton…. And the list goes on.


The main thing to look for in a work glove is durability. Beyond that, you will want one made of a material that is well suited to your work environment.

Work gloves can also be called cowboy gloves. These refer to gloves cowboys wore to protect their hands while they were doing work around the farm and rodeo.


Gardening Gloves


True to their name, gardening gloves are gloves you wear when digging in the garden. They are meant to protect hands from dirt and thorns, and they provide an added layer that can he helpful when digging up roots. They commonly come over the wrists to further keep out dirt and moisture.

In addition to being durable, gardening gloves can have additional features. They can be touchscreen, water resistant, have a reinforced palm…and the list goes on. Look carefully to find the pair that’s right for you.


Street Liner Gloves


Street liner gloves can be worn on their own to give you a stretchy comfort that is perfect on days when it is not too cold outside. Their thin material also makes them ideal for wearing inside gloves and mittens to provide extra warmth when it’s absolutely freezing. Make sure your street liner gloves are thin and stretchy enough to be comfortable when layered and that they are durable enough to hold up to the elements when worn alone.


Impact Gloves


Impact gloves are one step up from work gloves. They are used in industries where workers run the risk of crushing impact. The outer shell has some sort of raised, rubbery material that is designed to protect hands from machinery. They also usually provide some sort of grip at the palm which makes them even more effective in the workplace.


Tactical Gloves


Tactical gloves can serve a variety of purposes, but they were designed to protect members of the military, law enforcement and athletes from hand injuries. Tactical gloves should be high quality and durable to protect hands, but they should also allow for optimal range of movement. Therefore, they should not be too bulky or restrictive.


With so many gloves out there, it can be difficult to figure out which is best suited for what purpose. The tips in this article will help you navigate the world of gloves so you can find a pair that is perfect for your needs. Which gloves do you think are right for you?


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