Men’s Underwear Styles

Underwear is available in different styles and the majority of men generally prefer wearing a particular style no matter the activity. Long gone are the days when the choice of men’s underwear was simple and limited. Despite the fact, the underwear is a lesser talked about subject in menswear; the options available in this category these days are ample. It makes more sense to wear a different style when travelling, working out at the gym or when wearing trim denim or trousers instead of wearing the same style for all day every day. The different aspects of the various styles of men’s underwear are given in

Men’s Boxers

The boxer shorts were initially introduced in 1925 and were known as ‘shorts for boxers’. This was the first time when elastic waistbands were used in the undies. Even though it took some time to gain popularity, the underwear style is true to its namesake. Inspired by the actual boxers, the skivvy extends a few inches above the knees covering almost one-third of the thighs and has a contoured pouch for comfort. However, they lacked the support that the union suits offered. The problem of bunching and riding up highlighted the need of undergarment that fitted the body snugly. However, the baggy style kept everything airy and comfy. Despite the change in the need and preference of men as well as the presence of a number of underwear styles, boxers are of the most popular underneath article till date. However, the modern boxers are mostly designed in form-fitting styles that hug the wearer snugly. Mostly boxer shorts used to have a fly opening in front. Some of the undies had metal snaps while others had buttons. However, the trends have changed and the modern designs do not have fastening mechanism to close up the fly. Above all, a comfy style is a perfect option for the laid-back evenings and weekend plans.


Lace Boxer: The masculine style combined with the tender touch of lace is for all those who like to push the boundary of their style. Keeping the wearer bang on trend, the flimsy fabric keeps the crotch airy and dry all day long.

Sheer Boxer: Taking the conventional underneath article to the new height of sensuality, the sheer boxers for men allows flaunting a lot of skin. With the same support, these boxers add a voluptuous edge to sex appeal.

Pouch enhancing boxers: The un dies provide enhancement contraption to the wearer. The pouch lifts the manhood and enhances the visibility of the manhood. Unlike the padded underwear, these skivvies provide natural looking bulge.

Benefits: The first and the foremost advantage of the baggy boxers is the fact that they are extremely comfortable. The loose fit allows airflow. With ample ventilation, the underwear is a perfect option for everyday use. The traditional un dies with a touch modern pouch enhancing technology elevate the position of the entire package. The abrasion-free pouch reduces chafing and sweat secretion. As the sweat retention reduces, the skin problems such as rashes, itchiness, and irritation reduce gradually. Along with comfort, the contemporary styles boxer shorts even offer best ever support to the manhood.

Men’s Briefs


Inspired by bathing suits, the Y-shaped snug-fit undies were introduced in the year 1930s. The practical approach and the form-fitting style took over the market in no time. Unlike the boxer shorts, the underneath article held the genitals in a relatively fixed position. The increased support and alluring appeal have occupied a section of the top drawer of every man since then. In the 1980s, the conventional un dies were upgraded to fashion briefs. This was marked by the presence of bright colors and flashy prints. Tight briefs have always been blamed for infertility in men. However, it is not the underwear cut that leads to the medical issue. Choosing the wrong size and incorrect fit of undies lead to squashing which ultimately causes low sperm count. The subtly sexy apparel covers the entire rear and package but leaves the upper thighs and the side of the leg for the show. Thus, the undies provide the muchneeded sex appeal, but without going over-the-top. Men’s briefs are available in low, mid and high rise cut. Thus, one can make their choice according to the style of their bottoms. Despite the fact that the comparison between boxers and briefs seem to be neverending, the experts sum up by saying that the low sperm count is an after effect of overheating of testicles. The underneath articles that bundle the package too close to the body of the wearer raises the temperature of the same. Thus, both the styles are equally good, if the right size is chosen. It is a versatile underwear style perfect for all occasion, event and season and preferred undies for the workplace. The high cut will keep it breezy while the contouring pouch keeps the junk together. The supportive styles of the appealing briefs are perfect for getaways and adventures trips. Even though the boxer briefs are preferred options for vigorous physical activities, the formal one completes the ensemble.


High-rise brief: This is the traditional style of the brief that sits right below the belly button and above the natural waistline. Worn with high rise pants and jeans, it hugs the package and pulls it up.

Mid-rise brief: As the name suggests, the mid-rise briefs for men sits in between the low-high and high-rise briefs. With the same support and comfort, it is a much versatile option for those who don’t like their waistband popping out of the trouser.

Low-rise brief: This style was introduced in the year 1990s when low-rise jeans and trousers came in fashion. Low-rise briefs sit below the natural waistline on the hips, the underwear prevents sagging.

Lace brief: With the aim of catering to the wildest fantasies of men, fashion connoisseur has stylized the traditional undies with a contemporary fabric. Lace briefs for men are one such option that can help to flaunt the wild side without negotiating comfort.

Sheer brief: The see-through styles of the briefs provide a teasing glimpse of one’s skin.

Benefits: The snug-fit style and the high cut of men’s brief provide easy leg movement. The undies are a practical option for long working hours as they maintain air circulation in the crotch area. The briefs, these days are designed with modern technology. It keeps the package together and away from the body. This prevents from clashing and reduces the possibility of chafing and other related problems.

Men’s Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs came into existence in the year 1990. The boxers were comfy but lagged the much-needed support. Moreover, the loose fit led to bunching up of fabric. On the other hand, with the snug-fit of traditional briefs, comfort suffered to some extent. This led to the evolution of something that had the positives of both the best-selling men’s underwear styles. The underwear style, pioneered by John Varvatos, is considered as one of the ‘greatest apparel revolutions of the century’ providing support of a brief and coverage of a boxer. Boxer briefs are a great choice as an alternative that provides both styles as well as comfort. The, also known as, ‘manly’ pair of underwear hugs the body of the wearer snugly. The anatomical pouch offers a great deal of support and makes groin look larger. The functional underneath apparel provides a broader space for the male anatomy to breathe freely. The pouch of traditional undies kept the genital somewhere in between the thigh. This led to squashing, chafing and other such issues. The anatomically correct design of boxer brief is till date the most recommended option for those who seek comfort, support as well as freedom down there. The form-fitting style of the undies covers the one-third portion of the thighs without bunching or riding up. The functional underwear style definitely beats the other underwear styles. This underwear style is a staple for trekking or any other adventurous trip. Boxer briefs are an alternative for the sporty jockstrap. If the revealing rear of the jockstraps embarrasses at the locker room, then, these supportive undies are a perfect option.


Low-rise boxer brief: This underwear style sits below the natural waistline of the wearer. Thus, it can be donned with low rise jeans.

Cheeky Boxer: This is the cheekiest style of a boxer with the traditional support and conventional coverage in the front, the underwear provides a teasing glimpse of buttocks.

Benefits: As mentioned above, boxer briefs were invented to provide the positives of two of the most used underwear styles, that is, briefs and boxers. The skivvy style provides both body-hugging fit and ultimate support. The traditional boxers with loose fit would ride up the pants of the wearer. The snug fit boxer briefs reduce this problem. The possibility of twisting and bunching reduced making it an apt option to be paired with even the skinniest jeans as well as trousers. Along with the much-needed comfort and support, the versatile boxer briefs work under all types of clothes and can be worn on any occasion. This athletic style is particularly a functional option for workouts and other athletic activities. The boxer briefs are considered to be one of the best alternates for the traditional jockstraps.

Men’s Trunks

The trunk has been used as a swimwear for men since the 1940s. This underneath article replaced the bulkier swimsuits that covered the torso. This apparel was heavy as well as hot and hence the stylish cut of trunk came in as a pleasant surprise for the style-conscious male population. The trunk features loose fit undies mostly worn for sports purpose by boxers and swimmers. However, over the past few decades, this style has been accepted as one of the most functional, yet stylish men’s underwear. The trunk underwear is now designed to fit the wearer snugly and has conventional all round coverage and anatomically correct pouch. Despite being in the underneath apparel for a very long time, the trunks celebrated their heyday in the 1990s. After tasting success in the swimwear category, it later turned out to be a staple in the underwear drawer of every man who has higher regards for comfort and support along with style. The modern trunks offer a bit more coverage than the boxer briefs. However, the support and comfort are as good as any other underwear style. The pouch of the underwear style is designed to keep the package away from the body of the wearer. In many countries, the trunk is used to describe swim briefs. This underneath apparel is best for sports and water adventures. The form-fitting styles of trunk underwear can be used as an everyday wear as well since it keeps cozy at the workplace.


Sports Trunk: Other than the swim trunk, there is a range of sports trunk that offers the support and lifts to the manhood while undergoing any sort of physical activity. Most of these undies are made up of mesh cotton fabric that keeps it airy. So, the irritation of sweaty crotch is not a problem anymore.

Shaping Trunk: Some of the pieces in this category are perfect shape wear apparel that can help stay in shape. The compression shorts are made of airy fabric that keeps airy while redefining one’s personality.

Benefits: The versatile piece can be worn as swimwear as well as underwear. The supportive and comfy underneath apparel is perfect for every occasion and purpose. The shaping trunks are a cozy way of staying in shape. The sleek style can be worn with formal or casual wear. It slips in with any of the shirt or t-shirts without the visible linings.

Men’s Jockstraps

The jockstrap underwear has been in use since 1888 and for good reason. The invention of bicycles highlighted the need of underwear that would prevent the cyclist from the saddle sore. Jockstraps offered less restriction and offered more support. Not only this, the pouch of the underwear featured protective cups. Initially, these cups were made of hard plastic or steel, perforated for ventilation. The heavy material was protective, but inconvenient and led to overheating of testicles. Later the protective shield was made of soft and flexible material. In recent past, this style has shifted gears and has become an erotic piece for the pleasure purpose. The fashion jockstraps are designed to bring the male genital forward. The cheeky style of men’s jockstrap covers and supports the front, but leaves nothing to the imagination at the back. This keeps breezy down there while working out or undergoing any sort of strenuous activity. The revealing back gives this style an edge over all the other undies. However, the ample support on the front makes it one of the most prominent options for the rigorous physical activity.

Some jockstraps are athletic and fashionable. The racy style, sensual details and body-defining fabric of the fashion jockstrap can spice up intimate affairs. The variant handsomely highlights the masculinity and gracefully pleases the sense. The sports jock accompany from early morning jogs to the workout sessions. It is specifically designed for the athletic personalities. Whether on the soccer field or at the gym, these undies can protect and pamper the manhood. The erotic barely-there apparel can even accompany for the date night. The supportive, yet outrageous undergarment counts for the fashion-forward profile on the special occasions. The fast-drying fabric and the package boosting pouch will provide much-desired lift as well as comfort while hiking or trekking. Boxer briefs and jockstraps are two of the best options for such adventurous outings.


Athletic Jockstrap: The jerk-resistant cup of the underwear finds the support from the built-to-last waistband and straps. Made of lightweight and high-end fabric, these undies serve the practical purpose of keeping crotch dry.

Fashion jockstrap: The revealing cuts coupled with zestful patterns, the underneath articles can give a steaming hot look. The fashion jocks are a modish alternative to conventional style for the special occasions. This collection of these undies ranges from feminine lace jockstraps for men to the see-through sheer and mesh jockstrap.

Benefits: Jockstraps, initially, offered cups that acted like a protective shield for manhood. However, the modern jocks provide natural contraptions. The pouch elevates the manhood and keeps it in an elevated position. Thus, the well-constructed undies protect the privates without the inconvenience of pads. The anatomical pouch enhances the visibility of the front profile. The straps at the back add to the support and keep everything in the right place. The rear aids ventilation and keeps it breezy by allowing free air flow. Thus, the undergarment makes sure that the scrotum is dry.

Men’s Bikinis

In the era of boxer briefs and men’s brief, bikinis for men was like a rare bird. The underwear style was introduced in the year 1942. After gaining a lot of popularity among women in the 20th century, the erotic style of underneath article was usually used in the swimwear category of men. However, with time it has become popular as men’s underwear. Bikinis for men are considered a sensual version of men’s brief. This underwear style offers the same fitted look and support as that of the traditional briefs. However, it was skimpier than the former. This style of underneath article was initially used as swimwear. Later it became one of the best sellers in men’s underwear category. This is one of the best options for men who are looking sex appeal with going over-the-top. This is one of the most versatile underwear styles that can sport at work as well as for casual spree. The conventional bikinis are an apt option for the long working hours. With the top-notch support and skimpy cut, the underwear holds the package and keeps it breezy. For parties and other casual occasions, the sexy, yet functional styles of pouch bikini underwear are ideal. The pouch elevates the position of genital and accentuates the visibility of the front profile. Thus, one can bring the entire attention in the right place.


String Bikini: This is the skimpiest bikini available in the intimate apparel category. The skivvy style features a tiny front pouch to hold the entire package together. While the string waistband and revealing rear allows the wearer to flaunt a lot of skin.

Brazilian Bikini: The Brazilian cut was initially popular in the category of women panties. The Brazilian bikinis for men rear cut while the front may feature the usual style. The fabric at the back of this underwear cut stretches a bit to provide more coverage than thongs. The amount of skin that this underneath article style ranges somewhere between a thong and a bikini.

Bikini Brief: The bikini briefs are skimpier than the conventional briefs. The waistband lies below the natural waistline of the wearer and allows a lot of skin show. Keeping the coverage minimal, the undies keep the sex appeal to the next level. However, the underwear offers the support that matches the traditional undies.

Micro Bikini: This is one of the sexiest options for all those who like to keep it sleek down there. The skimpy cut and revealing patterns of the undies can tantalize the wild side of personality. The waistband of micro bikinis rests at or below the natural waistline of the wearer. This can get rid of the waistband popping out of the trouser. It won’t be wrong to state that micro bikinis for men are an ideal option when looking for style without revealing the assets.

Benefits: The versatile style of underwear offers many benefits. Men’s bikini underwear is perfect for work and pleasure. This is one contemporary style that can be used for the special occasions as well as a daily wear. While most men still hesitate in trying the skimpy cuts like men’s thong and G-strings, bikinis are a safe option for them. It can give the band on-trend look without revealing much skin down there. Along with the much-needed sex appeal, these underneath apparel offers comfort and support at par?

Men’s Thongs

The early 1980s saw a radical change in underneath article industry for men. This was the time when one of the sexiest underneath apparel, that is, men’s thong underwear was invented. Despite the fact, the thongs are considered as a predecessor of traditional loincloth, the underwear style took some time to enter the wardrobe of the male population. Having gained popularity as women apparel, thongs for men was earlier a taboo. Considered as a feminine style, the underneath apparel has become a staple for all the fashion-conscious men. With ample coverage in the front, the rear features nothing more than a tiny fabric that just covers the butt crack. The sexy apparel feature not fabric at the back, thus, it has no underwear line. The contemporary undies feature special abrasion-free pouch that elevates the position of the manhood. This enhances the visibility of the front profile and provides a natural accentuation. The ultra sexy men’s thong is perfect apparel for pleasure purpose. The sports thong can accompany to the gym. The pouch of these skivvies keeps the package together, but away from the proximity of the body. This reduces chafing, sticking and squashing.


Lace thong: The combination of a thong with see-through lace is a deadly combination. The revealing pattern of a thong with the fragile touch of lace fabric can effortlessly boost a lot of sex appeal to one’s personality.

Sports thong: A range of thong that features flair of an athletic look. The pouch of these undies offer extra support to the junk and allow triggering wild side without compromising the sporty personality.

Brazilian thong: The Brazilian cut at the back of the underwear allows a bit more than expected. The barely-their underwear is for the male population who just settle with anything ordinary.

Sheer thong: Men’s thong crafted in the transparent sheer fabric leaves little to nothing to the imagination. The extremely revealing undergarment is for all those who dare to go bold.

Benefits: The incredibly sexy apparel let flaunt the derriere. With minimal coverage, the undies will shoot the sex appeal through the roof. Thongs are perfect for men who seek minimal coverage and ample support. Other than the much-needed support, the skimpy underwear style is a practical option for keeping manhood dry and comfy even during the hottest day. At the same time, it can even effortlessly raise the temperature of the date night. No fabric at the back leads to any nasty underwear line. It allows putting on skinniest jeans without worrying about the visible line. Moreover, the undies feature a thin and sleek waistband that spares the embarrassment of popping waistband. It is a better option for men as it makes laundry a cinch for the lazy fellows. Not only this, the thongs are even a better alternative for going commandos.

Men’s G-Strings

G-strings are considered as the skimpier version of thong underwear. These underwear styles were incorporated into the vocabulary of women’s underwear the 1980s. However, with time men got body and style-conscious. With the change in the taste and preference, it gained popularity in the early 2000s. Just like thongs, G-strings for men covers absolutely nothing at the back. However, the front offers ample support to the boys of the wearer. There are a lot of saying regarding the name of the underwear. Some say that it is named after the G-string of a guitar. While according to Wikipedia, in the 19th century, the word G-string was used for a loincloth. In the opinion of linguist Robert Hendrickson, the letter ‘G’ stands for the groin. The feminine style of underneath article with a touch of machismo can give a contrasting combination to the masculinity of the wearer. This underneath apparel was specifically used for the pleasure purpose. It still continues to be a staple for all those prefer keeping everything spicy in their relation. The provoking glimpse of the asset can take the sex appeal to the next level. The seamless underwear can be teamed up with a variety of outfit and can be even worn on formal occasion. Paring them with office attire or even tuxedo will get rid of the prominent problem of visible underwear line.


See-through G-strings: The men’s G-string underwear crafted in a see-through sheer fabric is not for the faint-hearts. Covering nothing at all down there, the underneath article can effortlessly spice up intimacy.

Lace G-strings: The soft fabric and breezy cut of the sensual underwear put at ease. The men’s lingerie gives a good confidence boost by taking sex appeal to the next level.

Pouch enhancing G-strings: The non-traditional underwear is designed with modern technology. Unlike the padded and push-up underwear, these undies provide natural enhancement contraption. The anatomical pouch provides wearer-specific isolation; the underwear enhances the visibility of the front profile.

Benefits: The sleek style is not just a sensual experience, but is a eye-candy for the partner and puts up a great show on a special night and keep everything excited in the intimate affairs.

Just like any other skimpy style, the barely-there undies provide air circulation and keep the crotch breezy and dry. Thus, it serves a practical purpose for every man who suffers from sweaty manhood.

Along with ample support and comfort, the anatomically correct pouch enhances the visibility and accentuates the profile. This brings the entire attention to the rightful place.

Men’s C-strings

C-string underwear for men is as narrow as G-strings, but it comes without the support of the string waistband. The awe-striking style of the undergarment made people rethink who thought that thongs were unnecessary revealing. Initially, launched for women, the undergarment has caught the attention of fashion-savvy men in the past decade. The underneath article was earlier known as ‘Invisible underwear’. The C-shaped undergarment is in the shape of a headband. The entire structure slips right in between the legs of the wearer and appears to be floating in the air. The C-shape of the underwear ensures that it sticks to the body. The men’s C-string underwear has a cup-shaped pouch that holds the package together. It finds its support in between the butt-cheek of the wearer. The internal frame holds everything lifted and keeps it in the right position. The entire structure is self-supportive and covers the basic essentials of the wearer. The pouch accommodates the male anatomy without any unwanted strap. C-string is an ideals style of men’s underwear for tanning during sunbathing and prevents the tan lines. The invisible underneath article provides the coverage where need it the most, rest everything is left for the show. Pairing with tight trousers or jeans is necessary, so that, the C-string stay in the right place.

Benefits: The erotic undies are tailored for experiencing the sexiness and best ever intimacy. The sexy garment is very comfy, but not in the beginning. However, once used to it, one can wear it at every occasion only if the wire is tight against the body between the cheeks.

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