Must Have Phone and Tablet Accessories

These days just about everyone has a smartphone and many of us have multiple devices including tablets, computers and more.

These devices are convenient, but they are even easier to use if you have the right accessories to use them with. This article will review some of the accessories the technological generation just can’t be without.

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A Phone Case

How many of us have phones with screens that have one or more cracks across them? While phone cases don’t eliminate the chance of your phone getting cracked, they severely cut down on the chances. Plus, they make your phones look so much more fun and attractive!

There are various types of phone cases on the market and the one you end up choosing will be based on your own personal preferences. However, you will definitely want one that is lightweight and durable so it will provide the ultimate in protection without weighing down your pockets.

Cases are also available for laptops and tablets!

A Stand

If you are one of those people who needs to see your phones at all times, a stand is a wise investment. They prop your phones up to make screens instantly accessible and they can also come in handy for those who struggle with larger phones.

Stands are usually sold separately but some phone cases have them built in. Buying such a case is a great way to kill two birds with one stone!

Additionally, some phone stands have a piece on the top that doubles as an Apple watch charging station. Talk about getting more bang for your buck!

Stands are also available for laptops, tablets and other larger devices.

Laptop Buddy

If you are used to working in odd locations with your laptop, the laptop buddy could be a real life saver.

The laptop buddy looks a little like a dinner tray with legs. The legs fold out and the top makes for a convenient surface for your laptop. And while you could theoretically just use a dinner tray, this has a design made for laptops including a designated space for your mouse.

Laptop Bags

Laptop bags are a must have for anyone who works in the tech industry. Some bags are made specifically to fit laptops while others are large enough to fit laptops as well as other items.

The laptop bag you choose will be based on your individual needs and tastes but, like a cell phone case, it should also be lightweight and durable.

Cell Phone Holder

These holders attach to the back of cell phones to allow you to hold them from the back and control them with your other hand more easily. Be sure to get a cellphone holder that provides a good grip, so you are not in danger of dropping your phone.

Cell phone holders come in a variety of materials and designs. Choose one that feels right and best expresses your personality.

Technology has definitely helped make people more productive and these accessories are the tools that make our devices even more efficient. Which of these will you not leave your home without?


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