Must Have Travel Clothing Items

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Are you a fashion victim? There are several ways you can tell.

If you wear uncomfortable clothes because you think they look great, you might be a fashion victim. If you spend half your paycheck on a pair of jeans, you might be a fashion victim. If you pack 100 lbs. of clothes every time you travel, you might be a fashion victim.

Now, we’re not sure how to help you out of the first two predicaments, but if you’re overpacking because there are like, a million items of clothing you just can’t be without, we have a fix for that.

Read on to find out what must have travel clothing you should be packing so you can enjoy a stylish vacation without breaking your back, your suitcase, and the scales at airports.

Determining the Must Haves

Now, the clothing you bring on vacation will vary slightly depending on where you’re going, what the climate will be like, the activities you will be doing while on vacation and other factors that are specific to your travel arrangements. However, here are some good rules of thumb:

  • Pack items that are lightweight, versatile, layer-able and wrinkle resistant
  • Figure out which items you want and which ones you need. Those you need should be packed. You can bring a few you want as well, within reason.
  • Choose a smaller bag so you automatically pack less

What to Pack

Now let’s look at the items you will want to include.

4 lightweight tops: These can be long sleeved or short sleeved depending on the climate you are traveling to. They can also be dressy or casual. Try to find tops in colors and styles that make them easy to pair with other items.

2 Tank Tops: Tank tops are great for layering. Choose tank tops without a lot of embellishments so they will go under just about anything.

1 Sweater or Cardigan: These are great for layering and will also help you bundle up during those cool nights and mornings. Choose one in a neutral color to ensure it will go with everything.

1 Light Jacket: It’s a good idea to find a jacket that is water resistant, just in case it rains.

2 Pairs of Pants or Jeans: Go for pants and jeans that have  a basic look. If you’re out for a week or so, people will start to notice that you have worn your pants more than once if they are bright green with pink swirls. Also, go for a darker color that won’t show up dirt for similar reasons.


1 Skirt/Shorts: These will be perfect if the weather gets warmer. Denim is a pretty safe choice as it goes with everything and typically does not show dirt easily.


1 Dress: A dress will be necessary if you are going to an event that requires more of a formal look. And even if you’re not going to a fancy event, you may just want to dress up a bit one day.

1 Pair of Leggings/Sweatpants: These will be a comfortable alternative to jeans. They will also be great if you decide you want to work out.


1 Pair of Pajamas: Yep, you won’t want to forget these…and make sure they look decent, in case you end up walking outside your hotel room in the middle of the night.


2 Pairs of Shoes: One pair should be made for walking. The other should be dressy, for more formal occasions. However, both should be comfortable.


5-7 pairs of  socks, 5-7 pairs of underwear: Yep, I recommend bringing a pair for every day of your vacation, especially if you won’t have access to a washing machine. Luckily, these don’t take up much room.


2 Bras: Make sure you have bras that are suited to your outfits. One convertible and one sports bra are recommended.

1 Hat: Hats are great for keeping the sun off your face and/or for keeping you warm in colder climates. Figure out which you will be needing most and add it to your bag.

Okay, now that you know what to pack, you are all ready for that trip. There’s just one thing left to decide …where are we going?


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