Pantone’s New Colors and How You Can Use Them to Give Your Wardrobe a Twist

Pantone is a company that is best known for the Pantone Matching System. This is a proprietary color space used in a variety of industries including art, fashion, interior design…and the list goes on.

The company has just announced their color picks for 2021. And the winners are (drumroll please)….ultimate gray and bright lemon yellow! The color combination is said to signify the gray of the previous year along with cheery hope for the year to come.

Pantone colors are always big in the world of fashion. Here are some ways you can incorporate them into your looks.

Yellow Jacket

A yellow jacket is a terrific fashion accessory. Unlike pants or shirts that you want to change out regularly, you can wear jackets every day of the week. This gives you plenty of opportunities to create great gray and yellow looks.

This year trench coats will be big, especially ones in interesting colors other than camel. This yellow trench is sure to get to the top of the list.

All Yellow Outfits

Another great choice is to go with an all-yellow look. A completely yellow dress, a yellow suit or a yellow two-piece outfit is ideal. Match it with gray shoes and accessories and you are good to go.

This yellow skirt and top combo will look wonderful paired with gray pumps and silver jewelry.

Yellow and Gray Pieces

If you find a piece of clothing that already has yellow and gray in it, your work will be cut out for you. You can add more gray and yellow or just put on a pair of blue jeans and you have the style down.

This gray and yellow tee will look great with a pair of blue, yellow or gray jeans.

Yellow Necklace

A yellow necklace will brighten up any look. Slip one on with your favorite gray outfit and you will be ready for 2021. Be sure to bring the yellow or other bright colors down to keep the look cheery.

This necklace and earring set will turn up the yellow in any outfit. The layered look of the necklace puts it on the top of today’s fashion trends.

Gray Scarf

A gray scarf is another item that can be easily added to any outfit. Wrap it around your neck and you’ll be warm and on top of the latest styles.  

How about wearing this gray herringbone scarf with the yellow trench for the ultimate in winter fashion?

Gray Jumpsuit

A gray jumpsuit provides a monochrome look that can easily be accessorized with yellow and other bright colors.

This gray jumpsuit is effortlessly sexy. Add some excitement by pairing it with a fun pair of yellow heels and the yellow necklace above.

Gray Cardigan

A cardigan is another item that can be added to any outfit to bring in a splash of color. With gray being a popular cardigan color, you will have plenty of opportunities to cash in on the yellow and gray look if you have one in your wardrobe.

This gray cardigan has a chic, lightweight look and it will look perfect over a yellow outfit.

Gray Tee with Yellow Accents

You can brighten up gray by adding splashes of yellow. And it’s so much the better if the yellow is included in the item of clothing you are wearing. Keep the yellow going by adding pants, shoes and accessories that match.

This gray and white striped tee is taken to the next level by the splashes of yellow in the sleeve. Bring the look down with yellow shoes or pants. And check out the open back feature that adds even more interest.

If you are looking for colors to wear in the coming year, gray and yellow are where it’s at. The dullness of the gray is uplifted by the cheeriness of the yellow to make for a cutting-edge style. How will you be wearing this color combination? 

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