Schmidt Clothing Announces Its Fall Women's Collection

Ladies and gentlemen, Schmidt Clothing is ready for the fall. We are your one stop shop for fall styles. Wanna know what you should be wearing this fall season? Here are some great ideas.

Teddy Jackets


Teddy jackets will be all the rage this year. These furry stuffed animal material coats are soft and comfortable and can be worn in any variety of colors and lengths. We have a bomber style teddy jacket that is sure to make you the bell of the ball. It’s available in white and medium and dark brown shades.

Kate Middleton’s Purple Dress


Want to cop Kate Middleton’s style? Who doesn’t???

This lilac purple dress hugs in all the right places. Its form fitting on top to accentuate the waist and bust and it flares delicately below the waist to provide a feminine outline while masking all those problem areas. And being princess approved, you really can’t go wrong.

Layered Sweater


There’s nothing like a great sweater to truly ring in the fall. This great layered sweater provides a unique look and it is totally in line with the latest trends. Its bloused bottom is the perfect complement for a tight pair of jeans or a pencil skirt. It is available in grey and black.

Patchwork Cardigan


When it starts getting chilly on those autumn nights, there’s nothing as comforting as a cardigan. You can wrap yourself up and luxuriate in the warmth.

Because cardigans are so comfy, they seem to never go out of style. The one we are showing this year goes down to the calf for extra warmth. Its patchwork pattern offers vibrant colors and a terrific retro style.



As we transition into cold, long sleeve weather, there will still be plenty of warm days interspersed. T-shirts are perfect for these middling temperatures.

The American flag is always a fun print to wear. It looks great with a pair of denim jeans or denim shorts.

Wool Coat


Women who prefer a more sophisticated look may prefer a wool coat over a shorter bomber jacket, although we say, why not have both?

The wool coats we are showing come in vibrant colors that show you have a flair for fun. Being longer, they won’t interfere with a dress line, but they also look great with a pair of jeans or slacks. Which color is your favorite?

Heart Pullover


This heart pullover just screams cuteness and comfort. Oversized and soft, the heart design will put a smile on anyone’s face no matter how cold and dreary the weather might be. The ripped bottom gives the sweater a punk look making it the perfect way to dress up a pair of jeans and boots.

Victoria Beckham Runway Dress


If you have a special event on your calendar this fall, and are not sure what to wear, this dress is an obvious choice. The fact that it’s long and high necked makes it fall appropriate but the fact that it’s sleeveless adds the right touch of glamor.

We love the way it is tight fitting on top to accentuate the upper half of the body and how it flairs on the bottom to provide an elegant look that is also forgiving of problem areas. The bow adds to the dress’s distinct feminine style.

It comes in red and black and it’s Victoria Beckham approved. Need we say more?

If you are working on building your fall wardrobe, we have everything you need. Browse through to start collecting your favorites. 


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