Scrunchies are Back and Better Than Ever

By a show of hands, who remembers scrunchies from when they first came out? These cloth, pleated hair accessories rose to popularity in the 80’s and went on to be a favored way of holding hair well into the 90’s.

Then the death knell came. You may not have even realized it, or you may have just thought that scrunchies faded out like so many other trends. But if you are a die hard Sex in the City fan, you will know better.

The true blow was when the show devoted an entire 2003 episode to the death of the scrunchie. In fact, during the episode, protagonist Carrie Bradshaw was quoted as saying, “No woman who works at W Magazine and lives on Perry Street would be caught dead at a hip downtown restaurant wearing a scrunchie!”

Once that happened, every girl who was wearing a scrunchie ripped it out of their hair and burned it. Scrunchies were dead and buried, never to be heard from again…until…

The Reemergence of the Scrunchie


It may be the revival of 80’s and 90’s fashions, but suddenly scrunchies are back and better than ever. 2019 saw them as selling eight times faster than any other hair accessories. Teen Vogue ran the headline “Scrunchies are 2019’s Biggest Fashion Trend”.

Fashion experts weighed in on the subject saying that scrunchies have become a favorite due to a revival of post decade fashions. They also note that the scrunchie’s ability to hold hair back without causing knots and damage make it 2 Good 2B 4Gotten. This feature especially makes them a favorite for women with curly, kinky hair that is prone to breakage.

The renewed scrunchie fashion is taking off in a big way. Lizzo was recently seen wearing a bejeweled $100 scrunchie at the MTV Video Music Awards.

And even men are getting into the action. With man buns and ponytails in vogue, don’t be surprised to see your husband or boyfriend wearing one. Even Jason Mamoa was seen wearing one to the Oscars along with a blush pink suit and man clutch. It doesn’t get more masculine than that!

Scrunchie Styles

Another thing that’s nice about scrunchies is that their fabric wrapping allows women to wear styles that are as versatile as the material that is used. Let’s take a look at some options.

Scarf Scrunchies

Scarf scrunchies have that same pleated fabric that wraps around the hair, but the fabric comes down on either side to make it look as if it is a scarf. Only unlike a scarf, it won’t untie, loosen or slip from the hair. It makes a great 50’s retro look. 

Solid Colors

You can find solid color scrunchies in almost any color available. Darker and lighter colors make them perfect for any season, any outfit and any hair color. Brunettes will want to go for a light or bright color that pops while blondes can wear vibrant jewel tones and browns and blacks to complement their light hair.

Print Scrunchies

Scrunchies come in a variety of prints; checks, plaids, florals, you name it. Choose one that best suits your personality as well as the outfit you are wearing the scrunchie with.

Scrunchies may have gone away for a while, but now they are back with a bang. How will you be using these convenient hair accessories to take your look to the next level? 

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