Seven Fashion Trends to Look Out for in 2020

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Those of us who pay attention to trends will be sure to update our wardrobe to eliminate dated looks. But not as many of us are truly paying attention to the runway to see what’s hot. These up and coming styles will dictate what we should be wearing today, and, as trends tend stick around a while, they might even provide guidance for the styles of the coming years.

If you are one of those who wasn’t vigilant in keeping your eye on the latest fashions, not to worry. This article will provide you with everything you need to know.  


This year designers are taking crocheting to another level featuring the open knit in feminine dresses, suits, evening wear and festival wear. The pieces tend to be colorful and clingy. Peek-a-boo elements can be added to make them super sexy.For years we have been associating crochet with that stuff your grandmother makes. Well not any more.

We’re not sure how this trend caught on. It may be a nostalgic element causing us to embrace the old with the new. But whatever it is, it’s spreading like wildfire. Jump on the bandwagon while it’s hot.

Hot Pants

Hot pants are a super sexy look that is likely never to become obsolete. This year, they are dominating the runway in a big way.

There seems to be no wrong way to incorporate these short shorts into your look. Daisy Dukes are still in vogue, or you can pair shorts with black tights in cooler weather. High waisted shorts are another style you can expect to see a lot of this year. They look great when balanced out by a long-sleeved top.


Miami Vice 


The Miami Vice look is coming back for work and play, and women are going for baggie suits in vibrant colors. Jackets can be paired with pants, skirts, and even Bermuda shorts to provide a look that is elegant and edgy.





Bra Tops

The festival scene is reigning supreme and it’s making tiny bra tops more of an every day item. While some will be brave enough to bear it all, others will want to layer with a jacket or open shirt to cover up,

When wearing bra tops, it’s also important to stick to the ‘one thing sexy’ rule. Therefore, they will look great with a long skirt or a pair of baggie pants.


Tiered Looks

The feminine look of a tiered dress or skirt is another one that is destined to be a classic. Whether you’re going full tulle for a black-tie affair or are looking for a day to day pick me up, this is a style that works every time.

Tiers can be fun when worn in vibrant colors, or you can also go black to add some goth appeal.



60’s Wallpaper

The retro look is everywhere. In 2020, designers will be bringing the look of 60’s and 70’ home décor into the clothing we wear with colors and prints reminiscent of those wallpaper styles. Geometric shapes and bold florals are expected to reign supreme.

When it comes to cuts and styles, these prints are expected to appear on everything from micro minis to flowing maxis.


Polka Dots

These looks are definitely ones to look out for in the coming year. Which will you be incorporating into your wardrobe?Polka dots are another brave print that will be dominating this year. The look is cute and fun and there’s no telling where it will show up next. It can be incorporated into two-piece suits, evening wear looks and casual day to day outfits.



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