Shawls and Ponchos are Back: How Will You Wear the Style?


Festival fashions have brought the hippie look back big time and shawls and ponchos are riding the proverbial coattails. These long, loose fitting garments are comfy, warm and they are dominating runway looks in 2020.

If you have never worn a shawl or poncho, these clothing items may take a bit of getting used to. Read on to find out how you can wear one to dress up your everyday look


Shawls and Ponchos: What’s the Difference?


Before we start exploring the world of shawls and ponchos, let’s make sure we know what each of these are and how they differ from one another.

A poncho is typically longer than a shawl. It has a hole for the head and it comes down at the bottom to loosely drape over the torso and sometimes the legs as well. It is usually causal in style.


A shawl, on the other hand, is rarely as long as a poncho. It typically comes to hip length at the very longest but some are short enough to only cover the top of the back.


Shawls are also worn differently than ponchos. They are typically worn over the shoulders and do not have a head hole.


Finally, shawls can be dressier than ponchos. While some are made of wool and cotton materials and feature sporty prints, others can be made of lace and sequins to complement evening gowns.


The long look of ponchos will rarely look good with formal attire.


How Do I Wear My Poncho or Shawl?


There are no hard and fast rules for how to wear a shawl or poncho. However, I recommend wearing them with a tapered bottom. Because they have a bulky shape, they are best offset by a sleek pair of jeans or trousers or a fitted skirt.


The exception would be if you’re wearing a shorter shawl. In these instances, as long as you are wearing a top that is relatively tight fitting under the shawl, you can wear a flouncier bottom.


It should also be noted that ponchos and scarves are not excessively warm. They do not fit tightly to the body and therefore, they are not great at holding in heat.


They are terrific for fall days when you want to avoid a slight chill. If you are wearing them on colder days, be sure to pair them with a heavy sweater or some other type of item that is suited for warm weather.


Ponchos and shawls can also be worn inside and they are a great way to cuddle up and stay cozy.


Popular Poncho Looks


Now let’s take a look at some popular poncho styles.


Ponchos are often inspired by hippie styles. It’s not uncommon for them to feature a wide variety of colors. This Puffed Rainbow Alpaca Poncho is the perfect example.


Of course, if you shy away from colors, styles like this Cape Wrap Solid Alpaca Poncho are another option.


Popular Shawl Looks


Shawl looks are more diverse. Here is a Convertible Alpaca Shawl that provides a classic and fashionable look. It can be worn as a shawl, poncho, scarf or ‘schnood’.


Sleeves can also be added to shawls to increase their ability to stay in place. This Knitted Cardigan Shawl is a terrific example of a shawl with these properties.


Now that you know the many ways you can wear a shawl or poncho, how will you be using these items to dress up your wardrobe this fall?


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