Shop Post Holiday Smart by Knowing What’s in and What’s Out

After the holidays, all fashionistas will be running out to take advantage of those post-Christmas sales.

After Christmas, prices plummet way down making for items that are unbelievably affordable. But one thing you need to realize is, shops are discounting clothing for a reason.

Sure, there could be terrific items that they are trying to get rid of to make way for new inventory, but there are also things they will want to sell because they know they are going out of style.

A new year is here and so are new fashions. If you want to stay on top of what’s hot, you’ll beware of items that are priced to sell that could be so last year, literally in the matter of a week.

But never fear.

This article will give you a good idea of what you should be buying to ensure you are on top of the latest fashions.

Pants: Wide Legged Instead of Skinny

In 2020, we can expect to say goodbye to skinny and cuffed jeans in favor of wide legged and boot cut fashions. When wearing slacks looks for semi-formal and professional occasions, opt for pants with a wide cut throughout as opposed skinny. Jeans can be tightfitting on top but should end in a bell or boot cut.

Here’s an example of a jeans look that is dressed to impress.

Changes in Athleisurewear: Leggings Instead of Sweats

2020 saw athleisure wear looks taking over everyday fashion. In 2021, leggings will still be a favorite, but experts are saying leave them in your gym bag. Sweatpants, on the other hand, are becoming completely obsolete.

Leggings will continue to be a favorite, but for gym wear only.

Big Shoulders Instead of Puffy Shirts

Big- shouldered looks from the 80’s are definitely making a comeback. It is predicted that they will be taking over puffy shirts in the coming year.

The tapered look of this top minimizes puffiness and emphasizes shoulders making it a terrific style for the coming year.

Oversized Instead of Cropped

Crop tops are another look we will be saying goodbye to in 2020. Instead, we will be welcoming oversized tops that drape strategically over the body to show just the right amount of skin.

This oversized top drapes elegantly off the shoulder to create a look that’s effortlessly sexy.

More Tapered Dresses Instead of Maxis

In 2020, we saw a lot of boho styles including voluminous maxi dresses. In 2021, we’re taking it down a notch. Dresses will still be loose and oversized, but tapered designs will be making for more form fitting looks that are figure flattering and exquisite.

Ensembles Instead of Pajamas

In 2020, we all got a little too comfortable in our jammies. Silk two-pieces were suddenly elevated to formal wear. In 2021, we are reclaiming our lives with beachy resort looks that are comfy, but would never in your wildest dreams be compared to pajamas.

Home Knits Dominate over Tie Dyes

Tie dyes are a classic hippie look, but we may be putting them to rest for a while in 2021. Instead, try for colorful home knits that bring a similar vibe.

This patchwork scarf has a colorful look that is a great alternative to tie dye.

Trench Coat vs. Anything Else

2021 looks are sharp and angular. As such, the trench coat is expected to rise up as a classic that is verging on trendy. While the typical camel is still very much acceptable, pastel colors are expected to rule the roost.

This salmon pink trench coat has a fun color and an elegant style.

Bucket Hats Go Winter

The bucket hat look of the 90’s experienced a revival in 2020. Perfect for creating a retro style and even better for a bad hair day, bucket hats aren’t going anywhere, but they are expanding for winter. Expect to find them in wool and other heavy textures that aren’t straw.

This bucket hat is made of a crochet material that can easily transition from summer to winter.

The holidays are over, and the sales are here, but remember, paying less for those items won’t do any good if they just end up sitting in your closet. Avoid throwing your money out the window by buying items that are inexpensive and in style. This article provides a guide of what you should and shouldn’t be purchasing to ensure you are always a fashion icon. 

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