Six Ways to Tell if Your Suit Fits

Six Ways to Tell if Your Suit Fits

Men, we feel your pain. You need to find that perfect suit, but once you try one on, you just can’t tell if it fits correctly. You know there are certain things you’re supposed to look for as far as how the pants should fall around the ankles and how the shoulders are not supposed to bunch, but you just can’t remember all the details.

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Suits are not cheap and you don’t want to spend a bunch of money only to find out you’re the laughing stock of the office.

Well, never fear, we are going to provide you with a very simple guide that explains exactly how your suit should look.



Quite simply, the shoulders of your suit and the shoulders of your body should match. If you see the fabric gather, it means the shoulders are to small. Alternately, if they are roomy and the seams are hanging beyond your shoulder area, the jacket is too large. Try for a smaller size.


You want the suit jacket to fall in a nice line when it’s closed. To determine if your jacket is working for you, button the top and middle buttons and insert your hand behind the lapel. It should slip in easily without bunching. When you make a fist, the fabric should pull lightly against the button.


Button Position



The buttons on your suit must fall in proportion to your body to give your suit a clean, tailored look. The general rule here is that the top button of a two button suit or the middle button of a three button suit should not fall below the naval.

Jacket Length

To ensure your jacket hits at the right spot, stand with your arms relaxed at your sides. If your knuckles are even with the bottom of the jacket, you’re good to go.

Sleeve Length

Sleeves should come to where the base of your thumb meets your wrist. A quarter to a half inch of the cuff of your shirt should be visible.




Pants should fall just over the top of the shoe with a one inch break. However, today’s modern skinny cut trousers often feature more of a highwater style. If you opt for this look, make sure to wear matching socks!

Now that you know how your suit should fit, you are ready to move forward with confidence. You are sure to be a hit at the office and the talk of that water cooler…in the best way possible!


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