Take Christmas to the Next Level with These Great Costume Ideas

At Christmastime, everyone likes to get into the spirit. Decorating, singing carols and celebrating are all in order. And if you really want to take your holidays to the next level, you will have great outfits to wear as well.


If you are wondering what to wear to make your holiday even more special, here are some great ideas.


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For Child

Christmas costumes are totally adorable but they are especially adorable on children. There are many ways you can dress up your child, but an elf costume is the most appropriate. After all, they are little, cute and quite mischievous.


An elf costume will feature a floppy hat, suspenders and some tattered clothing.  You can make your own costume for your children, but if you are not handy with a needle and thread, there are several you can buy online or in stores. Then get your children ready because there is going to be a lot of cheek pinching going on once they get to the party.


Make is a Family Thing

Another totally adorable Christmas costume idea is Christmas costumes for the whole family. Hopefully your husband is agreeable and the kids are on board. If so, you are good to go.


There are so many family themes you can go for. You can all be reindeers, elves, or mix it up by having mom and dad dress as Mr. and Mrs. Clause and the kids as elves. If you go for the reindeer theme, make sure to designate a youngster as Rudolph.


Costumes for You

Maybe you’re a single gal, maybe your family isn’t into dressing up or maybe you decided it’s every man for themselves this Christmas. In any of these circumstances, you can forget about the hubby and kids, it’s time to focus on you!


There are so many directions you can go when it comes to women’s Christmas costumes. A lot of women will take the opportunity to look sexy wearing naughty Mrs. Claus and elf outfits. This is great for a night out on the town and it can also be worn in the bedroom to make Christmas Eve even more fun.


Other women will prefer to do a nerdy elf look or a Victorian Mrs. Claus ensemble. There really is no wrong way to go, as long as you are comfortable and having fun.


In the Kitchen


Many of us will be entertaining on Christmas and that means a lot of time in the kitchen. Keep the cheer going while you are working by wearing an elf themed apron and hat set.




Getting Silly

It may be difficult to get your husband and kids to dress up unless you give them something silly to wear. Ride on Elf Pants should do the trick.


All you have to do is slip your legs in and it will look as if you are riding on the shoulders of a cute little elf. This is sure to produce some laughs at your Christmas celebration.


Elf Boots

If you want to dress up but you’re not ready to fully commit, these elf boots can be a step in the right direction. You can slip them on to wear to holiday parties or just wear them around the house during the holiday season. They make a great pair of festive slippers!


Now that you know what your options are, how will you be dressing up for the holiday?


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