The 12 Colors of Christmas

We all know there are 12 days of Christmas, but did you know there are also 12 colors of Christmas? Yep, you probably already new about red, white and green, but there are plenty of others….nine more in fact.

Knowing what these colors are will help you come up with holiday themed outfits that are beyond the usual. Read on to find out what hues you can integrate to take your festive wardrobe to the next level.


We all know about Santa’s suit, red berries and poinsettias so no big surprises here. While a bright red color is sure to remind them of Christmas cheer, a deeper red is a warm, festive color to wear as well.

This Carina red dress is perfect for formal Christmas parties.


Sure, let’s get the obvious ones out of the way. Green is a rich color that is reminiscent of Christmas trees. Anything from a medium green to a deep jewel tone will bring the festive spirit.

This deep green checked flannel makes for nice looking seasonal menswear.

Snow White

Santa’s beard, snow, winter wonderland and all that. A nice bright white will have you looking appropriately festive.

Men really can’t go wrong when they wear an all white button front to festive Christmas occasions.


Remember the wise men’s three gifts? Frankincense, myrrh and gold. Gold continues to be a popular Christmas color to this day, and it will dress up any holiday celebration.

This Stella Gold dress is perfect for adding excitement to a Christmas shindig.


Silver bells, silver bells. Oh sorry, didn’t see you standing there. Was I in pitch? Haha, silver bells are just one reason why silver is a great Christmas color. There’s also the silvery sheen on snow, the silverware at the table and the silver stars in the winter sky.

This silver scarf is the perfect accessory for bringing the spirit during the cold winter season.


Brown is a nice, earthy color that reminds us of Christmas tree bark and delicious hot chocolate. It will warm up the atmosphere during cozy gatherings.

These harem pants have a stylish look that is brings something different to typical Christmas party styles.

Dark Blue

Dark blue is the color of the midnight winter sky. It has a rich warm look that stands for loyalty and faith…and isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

This dark blue dress is great for semi-formal parties. It’s also ideal for every day wear in and around the holiday season.

Off White

While bright white is reminiscent of snow, a darker white will have more of a winter appropriate hue. And it’s still great for bringing the holiday spirit.

This white turtleneck is the perfect thing to wear for gatherings with families and holiday ski trips.


Rust is another warm tone that works well for winter. It is reminiscent of gingerbread cookies and other sweet treats. It’s a takeoff on brown but its gold tones take it to the next level.

This rust sweater’s cut and design elements make it a great piece of holiday casual wear.


Black, you say? The color of coal, you say? Okay, let’s face it. Most of us are going to wear black to holiday parties so why not just go ahead and make it a Christmas color? It’s slimming, it goes with everything and it’s great for hiding stains that you are bound to get while chowing down on all those holiday goodies.

This pearl tulle skirt has an angelic look that makes it perfect for Christmas. You can add a more colorful top to make it more festive if desired.


This yellow color is the perfect blend of gold and brown. It has a fall tone that makes it seasonal, but its bright hue turns the festivities up to 11.

These marigold elastic hem pants will look great with a crop white or rust sweater. The outfit will make a splash at any holiday celebration.

Royal Purple

A dark jewel tone like purple will look terrific during the holiday season. It’s regal, royal and fun, all at the same time.

This deep purple long sleeved tee has an attractive cut and great color that makes it perfectly acceptable for casual parties.

Now that you know there are not three, but twelve colors you can wear for the holidays, which will you be sporting for your celebrations?

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