The Man’s Guide to Wearing Florals


This year, florals for men are expected to be bigger than ever. While some men feel right at home with florals, others will be a bit more hesitant. They will wonder how best to incorporate them into their wardrobe to provide a distinctly masculine look.


Well, if you are starting out with floral fashions, here are a few tips that are sure to make you feel right at home.


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Pick the Print


Hawaiian shirts can be worn on their own or you can wear them over a tank or tee. Combining them with other pieces will break up the print and it makes for a stylish and masculine look.If you’re easing your way into florals, you’ll want to stay away from anything that makes you feel too uncomfortable. A Hawaiian shirt is a staple that a lot of men wear and it tends not to cause too much of a stir. This is a good way to start out with your floral adventures.


Floral Tees


Floral tees are a step up from the Hawaiian shirt. They have the same general idea, but they stand out, mainly because they just don’t get seen as often.


You can start out with a t-shirt that has an all over floral design or opt for one that just has some floral detailing. Either way, you will be sure to get your point across.



Floral prints are commonly seen on skate and swim shorts. They make for a really fun beach resort look.





Floral Suits


Floral suits are a bold fashion statement made for those who are ready to take on fashion and are comfortable in their own skin. This is definitely a stand out look so make sure you are in the mood to make a splash before you put one of these on. To avoid being too loud, wear floral suits with matching solids when considering shoes, shirts and ties.


Floral Ties


If you’re not quite ready to take on the full floral suit, a floral tie will be a great way to get you towards that elegant, professional look. This unique style is sure to get you some attention, but on a more subtle level. A floral tie will go well with a solid color suit and you can add a matching pocket square to pick up some of the color.


Floral Shoes


Floral shoes are a great way to brighten up any outfit. They go well with jeans or a solid color suit. High top sneakers are an especially great way to pull off a floral shoe look.


Other Tips

Here are some other general floral rules.


First, its always a good idea to pair your florals with solid color pieces of clothing that match the colors in the floral print. This will keep your outfit from becoming overly loud.


Also, it’s a good idea to think about the season. During the spring and summer, pastels and bright colors are all the rage. When fall and winter roll around, tone down those florals with more subdued tones and darker hues.


Now that you know how to incorporate florals into your wardrobe, how will you be using them to brighten up your looks?



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