The Only Handbags You’ll Need to Own

Handbags are such useful fashion accessories. Not only do they look great, they can also hold your wallet, cell phone, lipstick, pens and whatever other items you need regularly.

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Some women like to collect as many handbags as possible…and why shouldn’t you? After all, they are so much fun; why not have your choice of delightful designs to choose from?

But if you prefer to keep it simple, there are a few must haves you will want in your collection. This article will review those essential few.


The Colorful Handbag


A colorful bag is a must in every modern woman’s wardrobe. These bags are perfect because they go with just about everything. It is best if the colors on the bag include muted tones that will match most of your outfits.


The Evening BagThe Evening Bag

You will want at least one bag that you can wear for formal occasions. Typically, evening bags are small and will only fit a lipstick, a cellphone and a couple of credit cards. They usually feature some sort of embellishment or design that allows them to go with more formal entire. They can be clutches but some will have some sort of thin strap that is often a metallic chain.


A Holds Everything Bag

You know how it is. You go on one of these all-day outings with your friends or family members and by the end of the day you end up holding everyone’s items including ten cell phones, 8 wallets, a couple of soft drinks and some things you don’t even recognize! For those occasions, you will want a larger bag that you can throw just about anything in.

These bags should be durable so they don’t break under the weight of all you are holding and it’s best if they are made of a water-resistant material so they don’t get ruined by the dirt and moisture you’re bound to come in contact with.


Cross Shoulder BagA Crossbody Shoulder Bag

  Crossbody bags are a fashion born out of necessity. Many women started wearing bags across their body to keep their items safe. The look evolved into a fashion statement that is a must have for every wardrobe. Current trends are seeing crossbody bags that are smaller in size providing the look of a small sack the is slung around the hip area.


Tote BagThe Tote



Ever since grocery stores started charging for bags, tote bags have become a must-have item for people everywhere. Even though these bags are not considered a high fashion item, there’s no reason why you can’t have fun with yours. Opt for one that is colorful or features your favorite, hobby, animal, television character or whatever theme you choose.


You can call them purses, handbags or pocketbooks but no matter what name they go by, they will always provide a high fashion look while coming in handy in carrying your valuables. Which of these can your wardrobe not be without?


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