The Perfect Pair of Jeans and How to Find Them

The Perfect Pair of Jeans and How to Find Them

Jeans are a great wardrobe staple. They are easy to wear and they go with just about anything.

On the downside, it’s impossible for some people to find that perfect pair. They struggle to find jeans that fit well and flatter their figure.


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Well, if you are having problems finding a perfect pair of jeans, never fear. Here are some tips that will help you looking your casual best.

Getting the Rise


The first thing you will want to do is find the rise that’s right for you. Here’s what you have to choose from.

  • Low-Rise: Low rise jeans sit about 2” below the navel. They are great for accentuating curvy hips and they work well with an athletic build. Just make sure they fit well around the hips so as not to gap around the top.
  • Mid-Rise: Mid-rise jeans sit just below the navel. They flatter just about every body type and they go with any length shirt. This makes them the all around go to.
  • High-Rise: High-rise jeans have been trending lately. They are perfect for athletic figures and slender hourglass shapes. They go well with a tucked in shirt or crop top.

The Fit


There are several styles and cuts of jeans. Here are some tips that will help you get the look that’s right for you.

  • Boyfriend Jeans: Boyfriend jeans are baggy throughout. They are well complemented by a tight shirt or you can dress them up with a button front and blazer. They are good for athletic builds and apple shapes.
  • Straight Leg: Straight leg jeans have a skinny jean shape but they are more relaxed in the leg. Like the boyfriend, they look good with tight shirts or button fronts and blazers as well as minimal footwear like slip-ons or sandals. They are great for hourglass, apple and athletic shapes.
  • Bootcut: Bootcut jeans are cut to be wider below the knee to allow for a boot. They don’t flare out as much as bellbottoms but they have a similar shape. They go well with a boot, but different types of flats will complement the look as well. They are perfect for pear shapes and hourglass shapes.
  • Flares: Flares are similar to bootcuts but they flare a bit more at the bottom. They are somewhere between a bootcut and a bellbottom. Like bootcuts, they will also work well on pear and hourglass shapes. They are a great way to rock a 70’s style.
  • Skinny Jeans: Skinny jeans fit tight from top to bottom. They are characterized by a stretchy material and tight ankle. They look great with oversized tops but just about anything will complement the look. They flatter almost all figure types. However, pear and hour glass shapes should stick to darker washes while apple and athletic shapes can explore both light and dark shades.

The Wash


The final element is finding a wash that works for you. Here are your choices.

Now that you know what to look for in a pair of jeans, which kind will you be adding to your collection?

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