The Types of Jeans Every Woman Should Own

Every woman needs a pair of jeans in her wardrobe. But multiple pairs?

With so many types of jeans out there, a true fashionista will want styles that are suitable for a variety of looks and occasions. With that in mind, here are the jean styles you should have in your closet.

Skinny Jeans

A pair of full-length skinny jeans are a must. Skinny jeans give a great fitted look that goes with a variety of outfits. I recommend getting a few pairs to include light and darker washes as well as a wide range of colors.

Flares/Bell Bottoms

With so many jean looks cycling through, it should come as no surprise that flares and bell bottoms are back. They haven’t replaced skinny jeans, but they are a great option for completing vintage looks. They look great with a psychedelic print smock or a sexy crop top.

High Waisted Jeans

High waisted jeans provide an elegant look, and they are great for elongating the leg. It’s no wonder that this style has made a comeback from the 90’s.

To make sure you show off the high waisted style, wear them with a short top or one that tucks in.

Black Jeans

Black is the new black, the old black and the original black. If don’t know what I’d do without at least one pair of black jeans in my wardrobe.

Black helps bright colors pop, they are essential for prints that have the color black in them, and how else are you going to make a sexy all black look?

Distressed Jeans

Ripped jeans have always been a wardrobe must, but now that the grunge look is coming back in style, it is essential to have at least one pair in your wardrobe.

Ripped jeans go with just about anything. You can use them to complement casual looks by pairing them with a flannel or rock shirt and a pair of combats or you can wear them with an elegant blouse and high heels to dress down an otherwise formal look.

Capris Jeans

Capris jeans are jeans that come to the mid-calf at the bottom. They are typically fitted throughout, like skinny jeans, but they can be wider in the leg.

These shorter jeans are great for light, spring looks, and the bare leg increases ventilation during warmer weather. They are also perfect for recreating a 1950’s look. 

Jean Shorts

Once you are done wearing your jeans for the summer, you can simply cut them into shorts. (Or if you are like me and completely hopeless with a pair of sneakers, you can just buy jeans shorts as is- we won’t tell anyone).

Jeans shorts go with just about anything and they are bigger than ever due to the revival of festival fashion. High waist, distressed, bejeweled, light wash, dark wash, anything goes.

If you love jeans, you will want to have several pairs in your closet to choose from. The jean types listed above should have you pretty well covered. What type of jeans are your favorite?

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