Trendiest Eyewear Looks of 2020

Many people simply won’t leave the house without a great pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun’s glare, they eliminate wrinkles that could be caused by squinting, they protect you from sun damage and they just look awesome.

When buying a pair of glasses, you want to look for ones that offer the ultimate protection, but you also want a pair that looks great. With that in mind, here are some trendy sunglasses that are expected to be big this season.  

Steampunk Glasses


The steampunk look is back and bigger than ever. Often characterized by glasses that have a goggle-like appearance, steampunk style glasses are round in shape and somewhat resemble the granny glasses that were popular in the 60’s and then resurged in the 80’s. However, today’s steampunk looks have more pronounced hardware that gives them a modern edge. 

Steampunk glasses often have metal frames while lenses can be smokey or even mirrored. They look great with Victorian styles that are typical of steampunk fashion, but they can be worn with just about any fashion look.  

Cat Eye


Cat eye sunglasses first become popular in the 1950’s and were often worn with beehive hair-dos. The look came back about a decade ago and has been dominating runways ever since.

The cat eye look is all about getting those pointy edges, but from there, just about anything goes. They can be any color or print, they can have rhinestones and there are even metal frame looks. They look great with vintage styles, but they will go with just about any outfit.

Round Sunglasses


Round sunglasses are another vintage look that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. First popularized by Jackie Kennedy, they are the height of Hollywood glamour. While they went into hiding after the 60’s, they reemerged in the 2000’s and are a favorite with women everywhere. They are great for keeping out a maximum amount of sun and can be instrumental in keeping you from being recognized by paparazzi!



Geometrics are big this year. They can be seen in jewelry, clothing, accessories… and sunglasses are no exception. Round and cat eye sunglasses have their own geometric looks, but we can expect unlimited styles in the geometric realm. Look out for square, rectangular and even pentagonal and hexagonal shapes to finish off those runway fashions.

Men’s Sunglasses


It is a little more challenging for men to find the latest in fashion trends, especially when it comes to sunglasses. Fortunately, most classic looks will do.

Aviators are always a safe bet for men, but recent trends are calling for the same thin wire frames around rectangular lenses rather than the oval looks like have been featured in the past. This is a look much popularized by Robert Downy Jr. in his role as Tony Stark.

Steam punk sunglasses are also suitable for men.

Sunglasses are a must have accessory. They are beneficial for the eyes and the skin and they can give your entire wardrobe a boast. Which are your favorite sunglass styles? 


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Written by Becky Heldmen for Schmidt Clothing.

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