Trends in Fashion Jewelry

Jewelry is the perfect thing for dressing up any outfit. Necklaces are great for complementing a neckline while bracelets and rings add just the right amount of bling.

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Of course, every season brings its share of hot new trends and you will want to stay on top of the latest to make sure you are looking as fashionable as possible. With that in mind, here is a rundown of this year’s current jewelry looks.

Layered Looks

The layered look is one that came into vogue a few years ago and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Women and men alike love the effortless style as well as the ability to mix and match pieces. Layering can also be made easy when matching pieces are sold together or when one piece has a layered look all its own.


Earthy Styles

As the world gets more eco-friendly, people are not only looking for clothing and jewelry made of sustainable materials, they are looking for pieces that feature colors that celebrate the earth. Faux leathers in earthy browns and forest greens are expected to reign supreme. The tree of life is often included in designs and this is another way to emphasize eco-friendliness.


Animal Themes


Another way to celebrate nature is by incorporating animal themes in jewelry. Animals can be featured as pendants on necklaces, as charms on bracelets or they can be integrated into the design of the piece itself. Unicorns and sloths are all the rage while domestic animals like dogs and cats are tired and true favorites.


Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are another fashion trend that seems to be here to stay and every year designers are getting more adventurous in their hoop designs. They are featured in various shapes, sizes and colors. Some have an earthy, neutral look while others are as blingy as possible.

Geometric Looks

Geometric shapes are back and better than ever. This year, they are combining the art deco looks of the 20’s and 30’s with the new wave look of the 80’s while bringing their own modern flair. Earrings are especially great for incorporating geometric looks. Hoop and dangling earrings can have their own shapely design or metals can be wrapped around gems in various configurations for a super space age look.



Bring the Bling

While some jewelry styles may have an earthy appearance, there will always be a place for bling. Expect to see sets that feature bold and colorful gems including rings and pendant necklaces and earrings with one large central stone offset by a glittering setting.



Bold Faced Watches

Even though many of us rely on our cell phones for the time, watches are not going anywhere. There are many styles available, but a popular look will be a bold, minimal face in one central color with lines for the minutes and hours. These are complemented by sporty, thick bands that can provide a great casual or semi-formal look.


Cuff Earrings

Cuff earrings are great for providing a punk look without having to put another hole in your ear. Cuffs can be wild looking with dangling pendants, or you can go for a more subtle style such as a simple hoop that encircles the top of your ear with a minimal design or some shiny stones.Jewelry is great for giving outfits that extra something something. These are just some of the styles that will be hot in the coming year. Which will you be adding to your fashion looks?




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