Types of Pants Every Man Should Own

Men, we know many of you aren’t the most fashion savvy. When looking through your closet, I’m sure most of you just want to pull out the first thing you find and put it on without having to deal with figuring out what is right for what occasion and what matches perfectly.

However, there are occasions which will require you to go that extra mile, like it or not. When dealing with these situations, it is best to have the right clothing on hand. No matter how much you hate shopping, having some essential items in your wardrobe will make picking out clothing a lot easier.

Having a few types of pants in your wardrobe is a good place to start. With that in mind, here are some you can’t be without.




It goes without saying that every man should have a few pairs of jeans. The fit of the jeans that are best for you will vary according to your lifestyle, your personal taste and your build. However, jeans that are fitted will give a neat appearance that will always have you looking your best.

If you feel like putting in some extra effort, buying jeans in different colors and washes will also help you get the right look for different occasions. While jeans are usually for casual events, ones that are colored or have darker blue washes will be great for those that cross the line between formal and casual.

Cargo Pants



Cargo pants are another type of pants every man should own. Their baggy fit and multiple pockets make them great for work wear, but they can also be paired with a dress shirt to make a standout look for certain occasions.

Cargo pants generally are neutral in color and may be available in tones like khaki, dark green and tan. This means they will pretty much go with everything and they will make a nice alternative to blue jeans.

Because cargo pants have a baggie fit, it is important to make sure they are fitted. If they are not, they will provide a sloppy appearance. Look around the waist, hips and bottom of the leg to make sure they are hugging you where they should.



In today’s world of fashion, athleisure wear is reigning supreme. People love the comfort it offers and the way it makes an easy transition from hanging out at home to running errands to working out at the gym.

While leggings (or meggings) are becoming more popular for men, it is understandable that not a lot of men are ready for this fashion trend. Sweatpants make a great alternative.

Sweatpants can have a sloppy appearance and can often be confused with pajamas. To make sure you look your best, go for sweatpants that are more fitted in the leg. Opting for unique colors and patterns will also make your sweatpants seem higher fashion.

Suit Pants


Here we are referring to pants that are part of a suit set or have a more formal appearance. These pants usually have some sort of pleating at the top. More modern looks incorporate suit pants that are tailored in the leg to provide more of a ‘skinny jean’ appearance.

Suit pants are good for work in offices that have a dress code and they will also be ideal for semi-formal occasions. If you are planning to attend a formal event, a full suit will be in order.

We know you hate shopping and picking out clothes but getting a few pairs of essential pants will make your ‘picking out clothes’ experience a lot easier. Which of these will you be adding to your closet? 

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