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Even though many of us rely on our cell phones to let us know what time it is, watches are still a thing. People love them because they can see the time just by looking at their wrists (so they don’t need to dig through their bags for their phones) and because they just look terrific.

Watch styles come and go and, while we can’t say there are many looks that are decidedly out of fashion, there are some trends you can wear to show you are up on the latest looks. Here are a few you will want to incorporate into your accessories wardrobe.

Square Faces


Geometrics are in. Often incorporated into jewelry and clothing looks, squares, pentagons, octagons and hexagons are dominating the runway.

When it comes to watch wear, the boldest move you can make is going with a watch that has a square or rectangular face. This pink watch is a favorite because, not only does it have a unique geometric style, it has the bling to go with it. The double wrap charm bracelet sets it over the top.

Nature Styles


With today’s emphasis on environmental issues, it seems that nature is becoming a major fashion influence. It’s incorporated into home décor and various pieces of clothing and accessories.

This handmade, wood timepiece is the perfect example. Ideal for both men and women, the watch has a wood grain face that shows the true characteristics of the material. The natural beauty shines through to the wooden band making this a unique piece that can never be replicated exactly.

Subtle Bling


Oooooh, shiny!

Let’s face it, it really doesn’t matter if it’s in style or out of style. Some people just need their bling.

This year, experts agree that when it comes to watches, bling is perfectly acceptable as long as it’s understated. That’s why this silver watch is the perfect thing.

At first glance, we notice the solid silver and the oversized face. But on closer inspection, we can also see the double hearts strategically placed over the 4 and 5. Also available in gold, rose gold and black, there’s a color every lady can enjoy.

Skeleton Watches


Most believe the skeleton watch made it’s first appearance when Andre Charles Caron unveiled this unique design back in 1760. Since then, it’s never really gone out of style and this is mainly because skeleton watches are so darn cool.

This Kosso skeleton watch is a favorite because it takes the style into the 21st century by incorporating a wooden case and band. It is suitable for a variety of occasions and made by hand to ensure the very best in style and durability.

Classic Looks


While trends come and go, there are some watches that never go out of style. These watches make great investments as they are guaranteed to withstand the test of time style-wise.

The Pladen men’s watch stands out for its elegant looks. Its bold face is complemented by sophisticated details while its linked band signifies the ultimate in luxury. Available in a variety of metals and face colors, there is one to suit every type of man.

If you enjoy wearing watches, this year’s styles are sure to excite and delight. Which look do you prefer?



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