Weekend Wear that is Optimized for Fun

If you’re like me, you have no trouble finding an outfit that’s great for wearing to work or school. Finding something to wear to more formal events is also not an issue.

But when it comes to the weekend, you stare for hours in front of the closet wondering, what am I going to wear today?

The problem here might be too much freedom. Without having to think about dressing to fit the rules and regulations that may apply to an office or a formal occasion, you may be wondering, what now? Is it time to wear that short skirt and low-cut shirt? Or maybe it’s time for that stained t-shirt and those baggy sweats?

Well, we can assure you that both of these outfits will not be well suited for most occasions. But read on to find out what will work.

Think of the Occasion

Of course, your weekend may include a night out clubbing or a wedding celebration, but those are topics for another blog. Instead, let’s just focus on a day around town. Maybe you’re kicking it with your friends at home. Maybe your going out for a bite to eat. Shopping and running errands are also fun weekend activities.

If this is what your weekend looks like, here are some great outfit ideas.



Jeans make a great base for any outfit. If you are just kicking it at home, a t-shirt and sneakers may be fine. Got a last-minute call for a quick lunch out? Throw on a blazer and/or scarf and a pair of boots to take your outfit up a notch.

T-Shirt Dresses


Some women wouldn’t dare to put a dress on during the weekend, but a t-shirt dress can be one the simplest things to wear. Just slip it over your head and, voila, you’re dressed for the day. Then, if you do find yourself having to go out into the world, it will be easy to add a pair of shoes and a few accessories and look as if you’re dressed to impress.



Leggings are becoming a new favorite when it comes to what women (and men) love to wear. They are comfortable, they are cute, and they transition easily from hanging around the house to going to the store to workouts at the gym.

If you wear leggings with a t-shirt and sneakers, they can look overly casual, but just like jeans, you can easily add a blazer and boots to elevate your look. You can even slip a dress over them if something suddenly pops up in the middle of your day.



Shorts are another piece of clothing that are comfortable and easy, so they are perfect for weekend wear. Since they show off your legs, they give a sexy appearance that can easily be dressed up.

On hot days, you can pair shorts with a tank top or t-shirt and sandals or sneakers. For a more dressed up fall look, add a long-sleeved button up or jersey and a pair of boots.

Now that you have some weekend looks, you can stop spending your Saturday mornings gazing into your closet endlessly wondering what to wear. A dress, jeans, shorts and leggings all make the base for an attractive, comfortable and versatile outfit. Which ones do you like to wear for long, lazy afternoons off work? 

Written by Becky Heldmen for Schmidt Clothing.

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