What are the Latest Trends in Men’s Athleisure?

Today, athleisure wear is making a splash. People love it because it is comfortable, it makes them feel like they want to move, and you can wear it almost anywhere. People wear their athleisure looks when hanging with friends, when running errands around town, and even when going to the gym.

When we think of athleisure wear, most of us think of leggings, yoga pants, sports bra…that’s right, women’s clothing. (It should be noted that there are yoga pants and leggings for men, or meggings, but not every dude will be down with this look).

So that leaves us with the question, what should men wear when they are working out and being active? Well here are some great solutions.

Fishing Wear

Fishing wear is clothing that is designed for fishing, but it can be worn for a variety of athletic activities. Though features of the clothing may vary according to the designer, most items are made of a lightweight, breathable material with sweat wicking and UV protective properties. They are also typically water resistant.

This type of athleisure wear is meant to have a tight fit, so it won’t get in the way of your activities. Therefore, it is a terrific way to show off the physique. It also comes in a wide variety of colors and prints.

Schmidt Clothing has several fishing wear pieces for you to choose from including jerseys, t-shirts and shorts. Here are some of the great looks we have in store.

Fishing Wear Jersey

Fishing Wear Shorts

Fishing Wear Shirt

Running Shorts

Any type of shorts can qualify as running shorts but those serious about fitness will want a pair that’s suitable for professionals. Our running shorts have reflective tape on the outside of the legs that will make runners visible when running at night. They also have mesh inside to ensure everything, ahem, stays in place.


Hoodies are great workout items because they keep muscles warm when you need it and they can be stripped off when things start heating up. They also make great outerwear.

The biker hoodie we have in stock is a favorite because it features padding that will keep you protected in case of accidents. It also has a fashionable design and a great tight fit that is also quite comfortable to wear.

Hiking Sneakers

Anyone who works out knows that what you wear on your feet is so important. An athletic sneaker should fit well. It should have a supportive sole that offers traction and stability while still being lightweight. It should provide shock absorption and flexibility.

Our hiking sneakers are a perfect choice. The heel is very supportive while the mesh and suede construction offers the utmost in flexibility. They come in a variety of colors and each one is as fashionable as the last.

With athleisurewear taking over, men should be just as careful as women to get a look they love when working out. These pieces are guaranteed to offer the best in functionality while making you look your best. Which will you be adding to your workout wardrobe? 

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