What Can I Wear Instead of Jeans?

Jeans are an item of clothing many of us can’t be without. In fact, they are such an essential that some of us are tempted to wear them every day. This is fine for certain people, but others may get bored of wearing the same thing day in and day out. Others may find them uncomfortable and wish they had a more accommodating alternative.

The good news is, there are plenty of things you can wear instead of jeans. These items may be more comfortable, and they may add a sense of style to your wardrobe that may not have been possible with jeans alone.

Here are some options that may work for you.


A skirt is a great substitute for jeans. While a denim skirt will be the best alternative considering color and material, any skirt with a basic cut and a dark solid color should do the trick. Another bonus, skirts are a lot more comfortable than jeans.

One downside of a skirt is that it is not as warm as a pair of jeans. Therefore, you may have to add a pair of tights. Clear pantyhose are ideal because you won’t have to think of another color element. Alternately, you can wear tights that match your skirt or pick up the color in your shirt.


ubstitute jeans with trousers for a dressier, more professional look. They will add elegance to the outfit and the looser fit and lighter fabric will provide increased comfort.

To ensure an effortless transformation from jeans to trousers, go with ones that are a solid color. Dark blue or black are likely to be best but a neutral can work well too. Tapered fits are ideal.

Wide Legged

Wide legged pants also make a good jeans alternative. Their looser fit will provide a comfortable fit and they will add a sophisticated flair to outfits.

Be warned that wide legged pants won’t be the perfect thing for every outfit. You will want to pair them with a tapered top. One that is too oversized will make for a sloppy look.

Also, more casual tops will not work as well.

Ponte Pants

Ponte pants are the latest trend. A mix of leggings, trousers and skinny jeans, they have a unique dressy look, but they feel like pajamas. Find the right color and they will be just what you need to substitute your jeans look.

Cargo Pants

argo pants have a casual look that goes with just about anything a pair of jeans goes with. They will make an effortless transition from jeans looks.


Leggings are the ultimate streetwear look. They are terrific because they transition easily from casual time with friends to workouts to running errands. They can even be added to formal and professional looks.

Leggings’ ability to go with almost everything and be ideal for a variety of occasions make them the perfect jeans substitute.

If you are tired of jeans, or just find them too uncomfortable, these are some great options you can try. You will be surprised to find out how they can transform your wardrobe while providing increased ease of movement. Which of these will make the best fashion statement for you? 

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