What Fashionistas Can Expect When They’re Expecting


If you are about to have a baby, you have a lot on your mind. You must do what you can to have a healthy pregnancy, you must buy items so you are ready when the baby arrives and finding a name for your child that makes your in-laws happy is a whole other story!

But if you are a woman who likes to look fashionable, you are also probably wondering what you are going to wear during your pregnancy. You have to think of what fashions will look best on your ever-changing body. At the same time, you don’t want to invest a lot of money in clothing that you will never wear again.

Well, never fear, here are some ideas that will make your pregnancy as stylish as possible.



When you are pregnant, jeans are the first thing to go. Even when you are just a few months along and barely showing, your jeans will start to get tight.

There are many maternity jeans you can buy. These have a fabric waist that folds over your belly. Wearing a long top will make it appear as if you are wearing any other pair of jeans.

However, instead of buying jeans that you won’t be able to wear for more than nine months, you can also invest in elastic extenders.

You wear these with your pants open and insert them into the inside of your zipper to give you the flexibility you need throughout your pregnancy.



If you carry small, you may be able to wear regular pantyhose throughout your pregnancy, but to really get a good fit, a pair of maternity pantyhose will be ideal.

Maternity pantyhose come in a variety of colors. There are even open toe versions available which are perfect for women with swollen feet. These pantyhose will provide a great fit and make you feel sophisticated and elegant when you are wearing skirts or dresses.

Bathing Suits


Some pregnant women wear bikinis that show their bellies loud and proud. If you don’t feel that bold, you can wear a bikini that comes up high to cover your belly instead. These bathing suits are also great for full size gals as they provide a slimming look in the abdominal area.



You may have a few shirts that will fit you throughout your pregnancy, but it’s likely even your loosest shirts will begin getting tight when you are into your third trimester. Shirts that are not specified as maternity shirts can also ride up to provide a sloppy appearance for expectant mothers.

It is for this reason that you should buy a couple of maternity shirts to have in your arsenal.

Maternity shirts come in styles that range from fun to sophisticated. For instance, one with a picture of a baby right where your belly is will bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Maternity Support Belt


Pregnancy can be uncomfortable. Women that are pregnant often complain of back pains and uterine drooping.

A maternity support belt supports the belly to reduce pressure on the back. It also helps maintain proper posture and protects fetal position. It is recommended for increasing comfort during pregnancy and it can also make for a more seamless recovery.

If you are pregnant and suffering from the fashionista blues, these items will help you look elegant while you’re expecting. Which will you be adding to your temporary wardrobe? 

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