What is Boho and How Do I Adopt the Look?

If you consider yourself a fashionista, you are probably familiar with the term ‘boho’. Short for bohemian, and also considered hippie chic, the look is often characterized by soft, colorful prints, maxi dresses, croquets and fringes.


Boho looks were big in the sixties and revived in the late 2010’s. But where did those looks originate? And how can we make the most of them in our wardrobes? Read on to find out.


Bohemian Fashion History


No one is exactly sure how the first bohemians came to be but it is believed the movement happened in 19th century France after the French Revolution. It was around this time that artists were no longer supported by wealthy clientele. As a result, many were driven to poverty and adapted a nomadic lifestyle that including wearing cheap, worn out, unfashionable clothing.

Others argue that gypsies were the first to claim the bohemian look and that this was later adopted by French artists. But wherever the inspiration came from, it gave rise to a look that has been popular throughout the years and is still a fashion staple today. Festival fashions often imitate bohemian looks of the sixties helping to fuel the fire.


Boho Looks You Should Try Out


If you love the boho look, there are many ways you can rock it in your wardrobe. Here are a few suggestions.


Hippie Pants


Baggie, brightly colored pants make a splash and they are the ultimate in boho wear. They are comfy enough to mediate in and they will also look great at festivals or for casual dates around town.


Fringe it Up


Fringes are popularly associated with the bohemian look. They can be added to classic attire to merge traditional styles with hippie chic or you can do all-over fringes to truly own the vibe. Fringes dress up any outfit and can be appropriate for any occasion. It really depends on the line, style and type of garment you are wearing.




The bohemian look just isn’t complete without the right jewelry. Jewelry lends boho outfits a shabby chic look that makes them complete.

When looking for jewelry that perfects the style, feathers, tassels, beads, charms and embroidery are the perfect elements. Wear them in layered looks and combine bangles to give your outfits even more of a wow factor.




Sundresses may be the ultimate in bohemian chic. Those that best suit the style will be long and loose-fitting featuring embroidery and plenty of color. These pieces are extremely versatile and work well for casual and formal events.




Boho tops tend to feature bright colors and intricate prints. They often have a looser fit and winter tops may have bell sleeves. Add a maxi skirt for a full-on hippie look or wear your top with a pair of jeans or slacks for a vibe that can be fun or professional.




Boho bags will have a colorful print. Though shapes and sizes may vary, many have a satchel like look that’s perfect for carrying the many items that hippies need for fun and recreation.




Nothing finishes off a hippie look like a floppy hat. It is the perfect item for protecting nature types from hours in the sun. A flowery band elevates the look to true boho chic.


Bohemian fashions have been ruling the runway for quite some time. If you love the style, these clothing items will help you achieve the look you are after. What do you like to wear to when you feel like letting your hippie chic out? 


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