What is the Difference Between "inseam" and "outseam"?

The terms “inseam” and “outseam” are often used to describe the size of jeans. While you’re probably familiar with length and waist measurements, though, you may not be familiar with inseam and outseam. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult — if not impossible — to find the perfect pair of jeans. If you don’t know the definitions of inseam and outseam, you won’t be able to choose a pair of jeans in the right size, assuming it uses these measurements. So, what’s the difference between inseam and outseam exactly?



Traditionally most brands sold pants listed using the inseam.  An inseam is a measurement of the inner pant leg, from the crotch to the hem of the pant.  This leaves alot of room for error when shopping online.  As the outseam measurement can vary wildly. The outseam is a measurement of the outer pant leg, from the waistband to the hem of the pant.Person - What is the Difference Between "inseam" and "outseam"?

While many brands still sell pants using insteam, more and more are moving to list the outseam.  This helps with online shopping as it help ensure that the pants will fit as expected.  

Why did the world ever use inseam only?   In the past before mass production they didn't, Taylors would always get the inseam and outseam and other measurements.  When Mass production came around having 3 options to choose from was too costly so each manufacture came up with there stand outseam for their specific products.  This lead to the current situation where sizes are inconsistent , and thus the slow movement to the outseam mesurement. 

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