What’s Trending in Perfumes for the New Year?

With the new year right around the corner, we are all keeping close tabs on the latest fashion trends….and every fashionista loves a good perfume.

A nice perfume can make you feel sexy and elegant providing a complete package when you step out the door. It can make for an air of classy sophistication, wild abandon or calm a connection to nature.

2021 comes with its share of perfume trends. Here are some you will want to explore.


If you enjoy the soothing properties of nature, you will love Harlem Botanica’s Sprouting Calm perfume. It includes a blend of thyme, lavender and vetiver which is combined in an organic corn alcohol base. It has healing properties that can soothe your soul.

As the world becomes more eco-friendly, nature is playing a major role in everything we wear including clothing, jewelry and perfume. When it comes to perfume, clean, fresh scents will be dominating.

Worn Leather

This GT Collection The CEO Pure Perfume for Men has a base of ambroxane that brings a warm leathery scent. Vanilla joins the base which is then complemented by a fruity bergamot top note, and heart notes of lavender, nutmeg, anise and Secuan pepper. Its powerful scent let’s your colleagues know you’re not fooling around. Great for men and women!

Leathery scents have always had a sexy appeal that women just love on men. Now they are breaking though as a terrific unisex option.


GT Collections’ Executive Pure Perfume for Women provides a peachy scent that is undeniable. It is mixed with top notes of red pepper, heart notes of jasmine, cashmere and sandalwood and base notes of praline, tonka beans and white musk. It brings sophistication to daytime looks and it’s also great for a night on the town.

Fruity scents are fun and invigorating. Look forward to enjoying perfumes infused with mandarin, cherry and peach undertones.


Cannabis is an increasingly popular natural health option and it is integrating the world of scents. What does it actually smell like? Herby, green and slightly bitter are some adjectives that come to mind. Just don’t let the cops pull you over while you’re wearing it!


If you’re looking for a raw, natural scent, Harlem Botanica’s Spice of Life can’t be beat. This all natural blend has hints of ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, curry lead and clary safe. It is meant to invigorate you and prepare you for whatever comes your way.

Raw lies somewhere between cannabis and green. It is warming and cooling at the same time while having full bodied, hearty characteristics. It can be compared to raw vegetables like mushrooms, legumes and root plants.


Mmmm..who doesn’t love the smell of coffee in the morning? Well, now you can take it with you all day long. Manufacturers are infusing fragrances with this invigorating scent to provide a kick that lasts.

If you enjoy a great scent, these perfumes are worth looking out for in the new year. Which will you be adding to your collection? 

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