What Should a Skinny Girl Be Wearing?

If you’re skinny, you’re probably used to your friends saying things to you like, “Ugh, I hate you. You can wear anything.” The truth is, skinny girls have to be careful about they wear, especially if they are skinny to the point where they need something to accentuate their curves.

If you’re a skinny girl, here are some things you can wear to make you look curvalicious.


If you need something to accentuate your waist and hip area, a belt could be your best friend. A belt can be put on a loose fitting dress or top to bring in the waist area while forcing the material around the hip area to come out to give you a great hour glass shape.

When it comes to belt fashions, anything goes. Choose a thin, plain looking belt if you are looking for something that goes with your outfit without taking away from the design. If you need to add some flash, go with something thicker and more ornate.

Peplum Blouse or Dress

Peplums are defined as a short, gathered, slightly flared strip of fabric attached at the waist of a woman’s blouse, skirt or dress. They will give an effect that is similar to that of a belt drawing in the waist area and accentuating the hips. They also make a great feminine, Victorian style.

Note, if you wear a peplum blouse with a ruffle at the top, you will also accentuate the breast area making your figure look even more voluptuous. 

Horizontal Stripes

While vertical stripes are thinning, horizontal stripes work to produce the opposite effect making skinny girls look more full figured. For optimal results, combine vertical stripes with a tight fitting fabric. Tight fitting fabrics will bring out curves in general.

When it comes to stripes, you can be as bold as you want to be. Tone it down with a navy and white nautical look or max it up with various vibrant tones.


Layers will add some bulk to your appearance. When adding layers, be careful not to go too crazy. It’s easy to start piling on the clothing and end up with a sloppy look.

Make sure to add layers gradually starting with the thinnest and smallest items first. For instance, you can start with a tank or tee. Then add a button front shirt. Complete the look with a cardigan that goes over everything.

Bathing Suits

When it comes to bathing suits, there really is no place to hide. However, there are some suits that are more flattering to skinny figures than others.

While some women will want to go with a one piece to hide their skinniness, a bikini will be a better choice. A bikini will accentuate the bust and hip area while a one piece can make you look like a board.

When choosing a bikini, go with one that has padding at the top. A halter or ruffle will add even more fullness to the breast area.

Hiding Skinny Arms and Legs

If you are embarrassed of your skinny legs, a maxi dress or skirt will be the way to go. Fortunately, these are very much in style. A print skirt gives a great boho look.

For skinny arms, long sleeves that have some sort of padding will do the trick. During hot weather, you can wear bat wing styles that will offer ventilation while covering up your skinniness.

Thin is in, but if you wish you had just a bit more in the curves department, these items can help you get the look you’re after. Which will you be adding to your wardrobe? 

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