What Should I Wear for My Day Out Ice Skating?

Now that the cold weather is here, many of us are looking forward to partaking in winter activities. Outdoor enthusiasts will especially enjoy ice skating. And with cities opening skating rinks set up for holiday fun, now is the time to get your skates ready.

In addition to getting your skates out, you will also want to find a cute outfit to wear. Nothing looks better when you are soaring around that rink than an outfit that is easy to move in and looks skate appropriate. With that in mind, here are some items that will make you look great on the ice skating rink.

It’s Better in a Sweater

While you are ice skating, you will want to keep warm. But wearing something too bulky will restrain movement.

Instead of opting for an oversized jacket, go for a sweater instead. A sweater is great for layering over or under.

While any sweater will do, wearing one that’s brightly colored will bring the ultimate in holiday cheer.

Leggings are Ideal

Leggings are terrific for ice skating. They are stretchy so as to provide the ultimate in flexibility and they provide full coverage to keep legs warm.

With leggings becoming so popular, they now available in a wide range of styles and prints. You can even wear Christmas leggings to show everyone you’re in the spirit.

A Hat will Keep You Warm

Did you know that most body heat escapes through the head?

Since you don’t want a lot of bulky items on you when you skate, you can make up for the lack of warmth by adding a hat. Getting one with ear flaps will also keep your ears warm as you skate around the rink.

A Scarf Will Help Too

Another way to keep warm without adding a lot of bulk is to wear a scarf.

The basic rule to wearing a scarf is to wear one that’s the opposite of your outfit. So if you’re wearing a bright outfit, wear a darker scarf. If you are wearing a lot of prints, wear a scarf that’s a solid.

Make sure your scarf is nice and warm and that it wraps around your neck comfortably without getting the way while you skate.

Sunglasses are a Must

We usually associate sunglasses with summer looks but if you’re skating in an outdoor ice rink you will want something to reduce the glare. Sunglasses will help.

When choosing sunglasses to skate in, be sure to pick a pair that fits well enough not to fall off your face… and that is sturdy enough not to break if they do fall! Also, pick a cute pair that matches your outfit.

Jackets are an Option

You may want to bundle up with layers and forgo a jacket altogether, but if you don’t have the items to keep you warm, you will want to add a jacket.

The jacket you choose should be lightweight and big enough to allow for layers underneath. It should also be flexible enough to move in.

If the jacket has a hood, that’s a bonus as it will help keep your head warm while you’re skating.

Ice skating is a fun winter activity that you should be sure to add to your holiday calendar. The tips in this article will help you look your best while you’re out on the rink. What are your favorite winter activity outfits? 

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