What Should I Wear This Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. If you are a true fashionista, you know this isn’t about what’s being served, who you’re going to see or what you’re going to do. It’s about what you’re going to wear.

If you are pulling your wardrobe apart trying to find the right outfit, here are some suggestions that will help you get the perfect holiday look.  

Getting the Vibe Right

Thanksgiving is all about quiet glamor. When visiting friends and family, the idea is not to look overly sexy. However, you do want to wear something that is celebratory and festive.

Think of wearing something luxurious, with a little bit of sparkle and don’t be afraid to be stylish. If you look like you’re ready for a night on the town, you may have taken it a step too far.

A Dress is Best

When it comes to Thanksgiving wear, a dress is usually a safe bet.

Go for a dress that flows rather than one that is a tight fit. This style will be more appropriate, and it will keep you from feeling and looking overstuffed after a big meal!

A dark color will also be helpful in minimizing the appearance of stains.

Slacks Are a Good Pick

Slacks have a classy elegance that is perfect for Thanksgiving. Go for slacks with an interesting print or a vibrant color to provide a festive look. Add a nice button front or attractive sweater to complete your outfit. Finish it off with a pair of heels or ankle boots to bring the look together.  

Add a Cardigan

A classy cardigan will add sophistication to any look as well as a sense of comfort that complements the holiday vibe perfectly. It will also keep you warm during dinner!

Skirts Work

A skirt and blouse outfit is another great Thanksgiving choice.

When it comes to skirts for Thanksgiving, there are two ways you can go, short and sweet or long and elegant. Here, once again, I would stay away from anything too tight keeping comfort in mind.

Once you find the perfect skirt, finding the right top should not be too difficult. Pair shorter skirts with tops that offer more coverage. Longer skirts can be matched with tanks, tees, sweaters or button fronts.

Tops that are the Tops

When it comes to tops, you want to stay away from anything too casual. A graphic tee, for instance, may not be the way to go.

Opt instead for shirts that are fitted and elegant. Pullovers, button fronts and sweaters are all perfectly acceptable.


Sweaters are perfect Thanksgiving wear. They represent all the warmth that the season is truly about. If you wear a sweater that is nice enough, you may be able to pair it with a simple pair of jeans. However, it will also look great with slacks or a skirt.

Shoes Make the Look

A sophisticated shoe will bring your look together. Since the weather is getting colder, you may want to opt for boots over heels. These will add elegance to your outfit without looking overly flashy or uncomfortable.

Jewelry Will Bring the Bling

During the holidays, nothing will add to the merriment like a little bit of bling. While you don’t want to go overboard, a few smaller, shiny pieces will be perfect for making the season bright. Think of complementing your look with a bracelet, earrings, a necklace and a few tasteful rings. 

Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away. Make sure you have the wardrobe items that will help you dress to impress. What are you planning on wearing for your holiday outing?


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