What Should I Wear to Church?

If you go to church often, you probably know exactly what to wear. You may even have clothing designated in your wardrobe as ‘church clothes’.

But some of us aren’t very religious and may not go to church as often. We may be invited to church by a friend for a special occasion such as a baptism, communion or midnight mass.

In these situations, it is not uncommon to wonder, what should I wear to church? Well here are a few helpful hints.

What Not to Wear

When going to church, it seems like there are more ‘don’ts’ than ‘do’s’. Let’s get them out of the way. Here are some things you will not want to wear to church.

·        Skirts that are too short: Make sure skirts and dresses are no more than a couple of inches above the knee.

·        Shirts that are too low cut: Make sure you don’t have too much cleavage showing.

·        Anything that shows through to your underwear: Be sure to do an underwear check before leaving the house.

·        Shorts: This goes for men and women. Unless you are wearing longer dress shorts, you may be considered disrespectful.

·        Clothing that is wrinkled stained or unclean: Need I say more?

What Should a Woman Wear to Church?

In general, women really can’t go wrong when wearing a dress or a nice skirt and blouse combo. Of course, the rules above apply. Make sure the skirt is not too short and the top is not too low cut.

If you don’t like to wear skirts and dresses, a pair of slacks and a nice top will do well.

When it comes to footwear, a pair of flats or heels will do nicely, but stay away from stilettos. You may also wear some closed toe options such as low heeled boots or loafers and dress shoes.


Men don’t have as many options as women when it comes to church wear. For the most part, a nice pair of slacks and a dress shirt should do the trick.

Pair the outfit with a good pair of dress shoes or loafers.

Make Sure You are Dressed According to Custom

Besides wearing something nice and respectful, you should also make sure your clothing is in accordance to the customs of the religion. For instance, some religions find it disrespectful to wear a hat indoors while others require it in church.

If you are not sure what customs you will need to abide by, do a bit of research or reach out to the pastor, minister or rabbi directly.

It’s Okay to Be Stylish

Remember that being respectful doesn’t mean you can’t add style and flair to what you’re wearing. After all, this is 2020.

However, you should be careful not to wear something overly flashy. Choose muted tones and classic looks over anything loud and boisterous.

If you are not used to going to church, finding the right outfit can be challenging, especially for a high fashion dresser. These tips give you a great outline for what gets a thumbs up and what gets a thumbs down. Do you have anything in your wardrobe that fits the bill? 

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