What Should I Wear to the Gym? (For Women)

This year, athleisurewear is bigger than ever. People are wearing leggings and gym apparel to run errands, hang out with friends and attend casual events. In fact, the wearing of workout gear on a day to day basis may blur lines for some as far as determining what’s gym appropriate and what should be reserved for day to day wear.

Well the fact is, they are really interchangeable. If enjoy wearing athleisure wear in your everyday life, there’s no reason why you can’t wear this clothing to the gym…as long as you wash it first!

But for those who are still confused, here’s a quick rundown on clothing that you should be wearing to the gym for the ultimate in comfort and fashion.


When it comes to athleisurewear, leggings are ruling the roost. They come in a variety of colors and prints so they are fashionable in the gym and outside it. The body-hugging fashion makes them perfect for wearing with longer shirts and under skirts, but they can also be worn on their own with shorter tops.

However, it should be noted that not all leggings are created equal. If you are wearing leggings for gym wear, make sure they are durable enough to hold up to the physical activity. They should also be squat proof so they don’t end up embarrassing you when you bend over.

Yoga Pants

When yoga pants first came out, they had a flared bottom and looser fit as compared to leggings which were tight throughout. Today, there are various types of yoga pants including yoga leggings which, like leggings, have a tight fit at the bottom.

However, there are still ways to tell yoga pants and leggings apart. One of the biggest differences is the reinforced top. Yoga leggings may also have a lower cut than regular leggings.

Gym Shorts

When the weather gets hotter, you might want to wear gym shorts instead of leggings. Gym shorts are a bit like leggings only they are shorter. They typically come to the mid-thigh area although some may end right below the behind.

Gym shorts fit tightly to move with you while you work out. They are also reinforced to provide supports and squat proof properties.

Sports Bra

A sports bra is another item that works well at the gym. Sports bras provide the padding of regular bras, but they have a reinforced back that keeps you in place while you are active.

There is some controversy about whether sports bras should be worn in public. This really depends on your personal taste but if you feel sensitive about wearing your sports bra out, wear it to the gym only or put a sweatshirt over it so you won’t be showing as much skin.

Sports Tank

If you feel sensitive about wearing a sports bra in public, consider wearing a sports tank instead. Sports tanks are made of a stretchy, supportive material that holds you in place. Some may have bra like padding while others do not.

If you like going to the gym, these pieces will make you feel and look your best. Which do you prefer to wear when you work out?

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