What to Wear for a Virtual Job Interview

by Becky Heldmen


We know you’ve probably read several articles about what to wear to a job interview and you probably think you have it down. But when it comes to video interviews, there’s a whole other element involved.


It goes without saying that you will still want to look professional, and yes, it is advisable to wear pants, but more than that, certain prints and colors can make you look bad on camera. This can create the wrong vibe during your interview, and it can hurt your chances of getting the job.

With that in mind, here are some tips for picking out an outfit that will look great on camera and help you nail that interview.


How Casual Should I Go?


A video interview is a little more casual than an in-person interview. However, it is still unacceptable to wear and t-shirt with a logo, a low-cut spaghetti strap top or your pajamas.

While you don’t need to go suit and tie, it is advisable that you wear a button front shirt.


Often times, a virtual interview will be a preliminary interview that comes before an in-person interview. You may want to dress up more when being interviewed in person, but for a video format, a button front should do the trick.


And yes, we definitely recommend wearing pants. If you choose to go pants-less, remember, one wrong move and it will all be over.


Stay Away from Busy Prints and Stripes



Have you ever seen someone wearing a busy print on screen and it looks like the images are dancing? Psychedelic man!


But the truth is, these dancing images are distracting, and they can really set the wrong tone for a job interview.


While a sparse print can be okay on a job interview, you are best off going with a solid.


Get the Right Color


Now that you have decided solid is the way to go, you will need to find the right color.

White can be too reflective, and it will wash you out on camera. All black can also wash out your skin making it difficult for the interviewer to see your features. A very bright color will reflect onto your skin to make for an unnatural parlor.


When it comes to color, you are best off with a lighter solid color. Anything from a pastel to navy blue will make for a professional look that will show you to the best advantage.


Accessorize Correctly


Accessories are not necessary during an interview, but if you just can’t be without your bling, make sure you add it tastefully.


You want to give off an elegant, sophisticated, professional look, so any pieces that are too large or have a silly vibe should be avoided.


Also, keep in mind that metals can be reflective and cause a distraction. While smaller pieces shouldn’t be much of an issue, larger jewelry should be avoided.


Video conferencing platforms make for a convenient way to conduct interviews and they can be a money and time saving solution for companies and candidates alike. However, interviewees must prepare carefully and wearing the right clothing is essential. Hopefully these tips will ensure you are dressed for success so you can nail that interview.


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