What to Wear to a Hanukkah Party

Hannukah is here and with eight nights of celebration, you better have some outfits prepared.

If you weren’t raised Jewish, or even if you were, you may have trouble coming up with what to wear for a Hanukkah party. And if you come in the wrong outfit, Aunt Sylvia will definitely have her nose in the air like the latkes went bad.

Well, have no fear, we’ve got you covered. Read on for some great ideas.

A Word to the Wise

Before beginning, we should warn you that in religious Jewish culture, women wear clothing that is on the conservative side. If you don’t want everyone saying ‘Oy vey’ when you show up, avoid wearing low cut shirts and high cut dresses. Anything knee length or below is preferred.

But just because you should look conservative, that doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish.

And when it comes to the vibe, a little dressy but not overly dressy will be a good direction to take it in.


When it comes to dresses, as long as you have you’re, um, bases covered you really can’t go wrong.

Skirt Outfits

If you want to get creative with a two-piece look, bust out your favorite long skirt. Match it with a suitable top and you will truly be a mitzvah.


If dresses and skirts just aren’t for you, a pair of pants will be perfectly acceptable. In this modern world, tight jeans certainly shouldn’t make any of the guests plotz. However, it’s best to avoid jeans with rips in them or anything that might seem disrespectful.


A scarf just seems right for a Hannukah party. It adds flair to your outfit and it can double as a head covering if you need to um, be respectful.


If you opt for a skirt or pants outfit, you will need to find a nice top to go with it. Something elegant and feminine will do the trick.


This is a party, don’t forget to bring the bling. A touch of something shiny yet understated will remind everyone that this is a festive occasion. Just make sure Uncle Eli watches those hips when he’s out on the dance floor.

With eight days of outfits to think of, Hanukkah can have you stressed out. The ideas in this article will help you come up with clothing that gets you dressed to impress…even under the scrutiny of cousin Beth. What will you be wearing to the celebration?

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