What to Wear When You Want to Rock the Stage

If you are a musician who plays a lot of live shows you need a wardrobe that stands out. When you are up on stage, all eyes are on you. You need to wear something that projects the right image and makes people want to keep watching.

If you have just started your foray into live performances, you are probably looking for the onstage style that is right for you. Here are some items that are recommended.

Basic Guidelines

The clothing you wear on stage can vary according to the occasion, the type of music you play and your own personal style. For instance, if you play blues, you may want to wear a suit or a gown. If you play punk, a plaid mini and combat boots may be more your style.

You will also want to dress for the occasion. For instance, if you are playing an outdoor daytime gig, a pair of jeans may be fine. If you’re playing a club at night, on the other hand, something more formal will be in order.

But no matter what your style may be, you should always try to wear something that is unique. You should show that you took some effort when picking out your clothing.

Your clothing should also fit well. Not only will this produce a neater appearance, it will prevent any wardrobe malfunctions (think Janet Jackson).


Jeans can make for a nice onstage look. They have a great rocker vibe and can be dressed up or down according to the occasion.

Make sure the jeans you wear on stage fit well and have an attractive look. Jeans that are ripped, bejeweled or patched will give you extra points on rock n roll flair.


A jacket will enhance the rock n’roll vibe. Of course, you don’t want to wear a big puffy jacket you can barely move in. But a leather bomber or a chic blazer can give you an added something that makes your look stand out.


A dress also works well on stage. If you are singing blues or jazz, you might go for a long tight dress that flows to your ankles. Folk or country? Go for something long and flowing. Shorter dresses will be great for alternative styles and may also work for other genres.


If you choose to wear a plain bottom, like a pair of jeans, the right top can really dress it up. Go for something with interesting details like ruffles, sparkles and unusual cuts. Keep color in mind by going with something eye catching like a bright red, mysterious black or a clean white that picks up the stage lighting.


Shoes play a major role in your on-stage look. Not only do they add to your style and vibe, they provide support. And if you do a lot of running around on stage, an uncomfortable pair or one with excessively high heels can kill your whole performance.

Personally, I like to wear a boot with a closed toe and low heel. This gives me a little bit of height without imposing any hazards.


Nothing says Rockstar like a cool pair of sunglasses. Personally, I like to use them as a prop to be taken off, maybe after the first song. They provide a great effect, but they can make it difficult to see and they also may fall of your face while you’re rockin’ out.


Complete your look with some unique jewelry. To create a style that stands out on stage, go for bigger bulky pieces. And don’t be afraid to mix and match. When it comes to accessorizing, the more the merrier!

Now that you know what to wear on stage, you should probably learn how to sing or play an instrument. And don’t worry if you’re not that talented, looking good is half the battle!  

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