What Type of Scent Should I Wear?

What Type of Scent Should I Wear?


Wearing perfume or cologne can be sexy and fun. Some people wear it only on special occasions, while others wear it every day. No matter how you like to use it, it’s important to find a scent you really like. The way you smell is personal and it makes sense that you will want to wear a scent that smells good to you and those around you.


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There are many types of scents available on the market. Perfumes can be flowery, sweet or they also have more earthy tones. Colognes tend to be earthy or woodsy while some also have fruity or leathery notes.  


The best place to start is by figuring out which scents you prefer. Go from there to find products that smell best to you.


A Note About Notes


When someone describes a perfume to you, it is not uncommon for them to describe the different notes the perfume contains.


Perfumes contain top notes, middle notes and base notes.


The top notes are small, light molecules that evaporate quickly. The top note scents will be the first impression you have of the perfume based on the smell.


The middle notes emerge once the top notes dissipate. They tend to be more mellow than the top notes.


Base notes emerge once the middle notes evaporate. They are made of heavier molecules that give the perfume solidity and depth.


Beyonce Heat Seduction



Unleash Beyonce’s fierceness every time you spray this perfume on your wrist. It has a fruity and flowery fragrance that is complemented by the scent of carnal amber and resins. Its deeply sexy aroma is sure to give you the power of seduction.


Michael Kors White


You really can’t go wrong when you buy anything from this well-known designer. Michael Kors White features a blend of ylang-ylang, tuberose, white peony, gardenia, jasmine, white musk and amber. Its crisp scent will be a fitting for any occasion.


Michael Kors Gold Luxe Edition

Another favorite in the Michael Kors line of scents this floral fragrance has top notes of hyacinth, middle notes of tuberose and gardenia and a base note of sandalwood. Launched in 2013, the Gold Luxe has become a favorite among Kors perfumes.


Diorissimo by Christian Dior

Launched by the Dior House in 1956, Diorrissimo has endured the test of time for a reason. It features a delightful blend of bergamot, green notes, Lily-of-the-Valley, jasmine and rosemary. It is terrific for daytime wear.


Burberry London Eau de Perfume


This perfume has a floral, fresh fragrance that is perfect for any occasion. It is characterized by top notes of elegant rose followed by a honeysuckle blend that is complemented by tangerine, jasmine and peony. It is playful and sophisticated at the same time and it is a great choice for any woman.


Now that you know a bit about perfume, which of these will you be adding to your collection?


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